Spring Festival Address - Success Last Year Heralds Well Rabbit Year Ahead

By orchioo Feb28,2023


The lunar year of the rabbit is just arriving, and while the past year of the tiger had its challenges, there were also many highlights.

In July 2022, we celebrated the first anniversary of our newspaper Science and Technology Daily Weekly Edition. Enduring many long hours and pressure of starting a new publication would not have been possible without the support of all involved, most especially our loyal readers.

As a platform of international sci-tech communication, we were lucky to witness and cover many memorable moments, where important sci-tech achievements and international cooperation were accomplished.

The Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games held in the beginning of last year were equipped with green technologies and offered smarter experiences for both staff and audience.

Second only to the Three Gorges Dam in terms of total installed capacity, the Baihetan hydropower station also went into full operation, marking the completion of the world’s largest clean energy corridor.

High above us, Tiangong, China completed construction of its space station. The Shenzhou-14 and Shenzhou-15 crews had a historic gathering in the station, increasing the number of astronauts at the in-orbit space lab to six for the first time.

We were also awed by a lot of global sci-tech achievements. To name just a few, the James Webb Space Telescope captured images revealing the early star birth in the universe; the world’s first synthetic embryo was created from stem cells alone; and artificial intelligence became capable of predicting protein structures, chatting with people and painting artworks.

Spring Festival Address - Success Last Year Heralds Well Rabbit Year Ahead

Many of the achievements would not have been possible without the cooperation of scientists from different institutions, countries and regions. There is no doubt that cooperation and exchanges are essential, welcomed and applauded by international sci-tech communities.

Going forward, we would like to bring our readers more detailed and accurate content, and collaborate with more foreign experts working and living in China to share their China stories with our audience all over the world.

The editor and staff wish you a joyous and healthy Spring Festival and look forward to your continued support in the year of the rabbit.

By orchioo

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