Starbucks selects new stores to restore the century-old “Bagong House”

On March 18th, Starbucks Zhenxuan Wuhan Bagong House Store officially opened.
In this Starbucks selection, you can see the architectural structure and classical elements of Russian style. At the same time, Starbucks also injects modern aesthetic flavor into this space.
Starbucks Zhenxuan Wuhan Bagongfang Store is located at the intersection of Wuhan Lanling Road and Dongting Street.
The Bagong House was once a Russian concession and was founded by the Russian aristocrat and tea merchant Banov brothers in the early 20th century. The Wanli tea ceremony a hundred years ago opened the road of commodity trade and cultural exchange and mutual learning. It is both a link of commerce and a bridge for mutual learning between Eastern and Western civilizations.
Today, after years of baptism, this century old building has also witnessed the transformation of Wuhan society and is an important carrier of Wuhan urban culture.
Pull open the brass door handle and push open the retro black glass door, as the tree shadows dance outside the Russian splayed window. Entering Starbucks Selection, the design details of the store have also precipitated this history.
The Roman columns and beautifully carved capitals of the old building have been preserved, with exceptionally exquisite European style tiles, retro sewn leather sofas, bronze colored metal chandeliers, and a coffee planting hand-painted drawing that draws on the style of European palace wallpaper, making the interior of this triangular building as “authentic” as the red bricks on the exterior.
Before the Bagong House Store, Starbucks had delivered outstanding works in multiple cities that exceeded expectations in terms of the activation and utilization of urban historical buildings.
Starbucks selected for the reconstruction of century-old cultural relics and buildings ™ The flagship store of Tianjin Henglong Square, the Starbucks Xianyang Yuanjia Village store with the distinctive customs of Guanzhong folk houses in the Qing Dynasty, the Starbucks Sichuan Qionglai Cultural Heritage Shop with a thousand years of ancient charm, and the Starbucks Xi’an Dahua 1935 store with a modern industrial style. These stores have retained the historical style of the building itself, and through micro renovation, the ancient buildings have been revitalized and unique, and each one is worth checking in.
Bagong House is located in the well-known “slow life” block in Hankou. The special historical background and unique Chinese and Western cultural precipitation make this petty bourgeoisie block have a unique coffee atmosphere. Now, Starbucks is also moving into the Bagong house with its highly selected bar.
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