Analysis on the development prospect of LCD module industry in 2020

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LCD display module refers to the modular module formed by assembling the LCD display panel with the relevant driver circuit, backlight source, integrated circuit, and other components.

Upstream materials or components mainly include TFT LCD materials, a glass substrate, a polarizing plate, backlight, automation equipment, photoresistive materials, membrane materials, target materials, chemical materials, etc.Midstream is mainly panel manufactory processing manufacturing, the main process including cleaning, coating, exposure, etching, electroplating and so on. Subsequent manufacturing processes include inspection, cutting, placement, molding, boxing, and so on. Through the glass substrate TFT arrays and CF substrate, CF as upper and TFT self-built perfusion TFT LCD and the lower joint, and then put a polaroid, connection driver IC and control circuit board, and a backlight module assembling, eventually forming the whole piece of LCD module, including LCD module, LCD TV panels, feature phones, tablets, smartphones, panel; The downstream is a variety of fields of application terminal-based brands, assembly manufacturers, etc., including television, mobile phone, display, advertising, and other.

In 2018, China’s LCD module industry produced over 6.7 billion units

The LCD module is the core component of many electronic products. More and more electronics manufacturers in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan have transferred their production lines of LCD modules to the Chinese mainland, making the production capacity of LCD modules in China increase exponentially every year. Since 2009, more than 80% of the world’s LCD module production has been provided by the Chinese mainland, with southern China playing an important role.

According to the China LCD module industry development prospects and investment strategy analysis report, statistics show that 2011-2014, the domestic LCD display module industry continues to rise in output whole range, 2011 domestic LCD display module industry output reached 3.641 billion sets, domestic LCD display module industry output growth in 2014 to 8.446 billion. In 2016, the industry capacity was adjusted, and the output of LCD modules decreased to 5.525 billion sets. By the end of 2017, the output of the LCD module industry in China reached 5.565 billion sets. As the output of smartphones, tablets, and other products increased, the demand for LCD modules also expanded. By 2018, the output of the LCD module industry in China reached 6.75 billion sets. Statistics on the output of LCD module industry in China from 2011 to 2018.

Growth in smartphone and LCD TV shipments drives the LCD module industry

According to the report data, up to 2017, the value-added of the electronic information manufacturing industry has increased by 13.8% year on year, 6.6 percentage points higher than the industrial average (7.2%).In 2017, China produced 1.9 billion mobile phones and 172 million color TV sets, both up 1.6 percent, including 1.4 billion smartphones and 109.31 million smart TVs, accounting for 74.3 percent and 63.4 percent, respectively.

The output of LCD terminal applications has a direct impact on the demand for LCD screens and backlight display modules. Mobile phones, especially smartphones, as the largest application field of LCD modules, have an important impact on the growth of the demand for backlight display modules.

It is expected to become the world’s largest LCD module display panel production by 2020

As one of the new strategic industries supported by the Chinese government, the “new display industry” has made great progress in recent years with the active support of the government. China’s display industry has become an important force in the global display industry.

According to relevant data, Chinese enterprises have invested more than 70 billion us dollars in the whole industry chain of flat panel displays. It is estimated that by 2020, the scale of display panel production in China will jump from third place in the world to first place in the world. Imagination is huakai industrial screen manufacturers for the whole series of 1.4 inches to 15.6 inch TFT LCD module of small and medium-size standard and LCD display, LCD display module, industrial screen, industrial LCD screen, under the sunlight visually highlight LCD display, industrial custom screen, LCD screen-wide temperature, industrial IPS LCD screen, touch screen industry, high and low-temperature industrial screen, screen defense industry. The TFT LCD module is very suitable for industrial control devices, medical devices, POS systems, consumer electronics products, vehicle or GPS navigation products.

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