Cargill collaborates with Cubiq Foods to develop new plant fats

Recently, Cargill and Cubiq Foods, a food technology company, reached an agreement to jointly develop and market new vegetable fat ingredients.
Cubiq stated that this collaboration will accelerate the large-scale commercialization of the company’s fat technology. Cubiq’s fat technology can enhance the flavor of plant based products, reduce total and saturated fat content, increase calories, and add essential fatty acids such as omega-3.
Cubiq’s existing range of new fat technologies includes Go! Drop is a lotion made of vegetable oil and water mixed with other vegetable ingredients, which can replicate the appearance and texture of animal fat. At present, Cargill’s combination of vegetable protein, texture agent, fat, oil and other vegetable ingredients has been added.
Cargill and Cubiq will also develop new fat technologies to help narrow the gap between consumer expectations and existing plant-based alternatives for use in the field of vegetable meat and alternative dairy products.
The cooperation between the two sides has shown early signs. As early as May 2022, Cargill participated in Cubiq’s US $6 million financing.
Vivek Cherian, head of Cargill’s meat and dairy substitute category, said that by adopting new technologies and combining all Cargill’s tools and global application experience, they are ready to accelerate the development of the next generation of plant-based products. Enable food manufacturers to create products and solutions that are more responsive, healthier, better tasting, and more sustainable.

By orchioo

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