Good Meat, an American cultured meat company, won FDA’s “green light”

By orchioo May8,2023

On March 21, a cultured chicken product from Good Meat, a cultured meat brand owned by New Protein Company of the United States, received a letter from the Food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as “FDA”) stating that it has no comments. This letter means that after careful and rigorous evaluation, the FDA has accepted the conclusion that the company’s first poultry product (i.e., cultured chicken) is safe to eat.
This is the second cultured meat company to receive FDA approval after the American company UPSIDE FOODS (formerly Memphis Meat). It is also an important step in the United States after GOOD Meat was approved by the Singapore Food Authority (SFA) and sold in Singapore for more than two years.
“Since Singapore approved the sale of GOOD Meat, we have known that this moment will come,” said Josh Tetrick, co founder and CEO of GOOD Meat and East Just. “We have a responsibility to look into the future and find smarter and more sustainable ways to eat, and I’m glad everyone can taste this fruit,” said Jos é Andr é s, a New York Times best-selling author, educator, television celebrity, and founder of the World Central Kitchen.
East Just is the first and only company in the world to bring cultured meat products to the market. In December 2020, the Singapore government approved the production and sale of cultivated chicken products from Good Meat, a brand of Eat Just, in designated restaurants. Currently, the public can purchase cultivated meat products from Good Meat at Huber’s Butcher in Singapore.
Good Meat submitted its application materials to the FDA in March 2022. The FDA stated in its reply letter, “We have no doubt about the conclusion reached by Good Meat in the materials, that is, food produced during the production process defined by CCC 00000 1 or containing cultured chicken cells is as safe as food produced by other methods.”.
In the process of establishing a global sustainable food system, countries have gradually increased their attention to the regulatory approval path for new technologies. CellX is committed to uniting global forces to jointly promote the development process of cultured meat. As a member of the Asia Pacific Cell Agriculture Association, the Global Cell Cultured Meat Alliance, and the Tufts Institute of Cell Agriculture Technology Alliance, CellX has been deeply involved in promoting the industrialization of cultured meat in Asia Pacific, North America, and even around the world, hoping to bring Chinese cultured meat to the table of world consumers.
We believe that exploring the unknown can bring technological progress, and innovative products can give consumers better choices. We also believe that the pure power within everyone will guide us to choose sustainable consumption concepts and lifestyles, and these changes will make our world a better place.

By orchioo

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