Behind the scenes, “Big Guy” walks towards the stage! Big International has launched three new products, focusing on high cost performance!

By orchioo Apr24,2023

For C-end consumers, the day of “spoiling” and the brand of beverage sometimes depend on their mood, sometimes on the scene, and many of them are “spontaneous”; As for brands, they cannot be so “willful”. Stable raw material quality is the foundation for the survival and development of beverage brands. If they can reduce costs on the basis of high quality, it will undoubtedly greatly enhance brand competitiveness.
Recently, the beverage supply chain service provider behind the domestic Wandian tea brand, Daka International, has launched three new products – thick coconut milk, oatmeal milk, and special non-fat cream for tea and coffee, aiming to create greater value for customers with high cost performance.
According to Big Coffee International, its thick coconut milk uses coconut meat imported from Vietnam, and its physical cold press juice retains more nutrients. Coconut milk content ≥ 21%, adding ≥ 35% coconut water, the coconut flavor is pure, the taste is mellow, and the aftertaste is long. The fresh coconut aroma blends with the mellow aroma of coffee, making the blended coffee taste more silky and rich.
Oat milk is made from high-quality Australian imported oats combined with German enzymatic hydrolysis technology. It has 0 trans fatty acid and 0 cholesterol, and can be consumed directly, easily and without burden. It is suitable for people with lactose intolerance. Paired with tea and coffee, the taste is mellow and silky, with a richer aroma.
As a partner of coffee and tea drinks, Daika International Tea Coffee Special Nonfat Cream can better balance the tea flavor and milk flavor, effectively improving the taste and mellow thickness of tea drinks. The creamy aroma is natural and full, with a smooth and rich taste.
According to the feedback received from the early samples, the high-quality quality and taste, as well as the ultra-high cost performance ratio, have made the three new products of Dakai International widely praised by dealers.
Behind the ToB business is a test of supply chain efficiency and stability. Relying on 11 years of deep factory system accumulation, Dakai International has created an extremely efficient closed-loop supply chain and a digital and intelligent production line, which can not only meet the growing capacity demand of the brand, but also achieve cost leadership and quality assurance.
It is understood that at the upcoming “Big Coffee International National Dealer Conference and Spring/Summer 2023 New Product Launch” on March 21, Big Coffee International will use the “price butcher” posture to lower the prices of three new products – thick coconut milk, oatmeal milk, and non fat cream – at the lowest prices throughout the year, to feed back to participating national dealer customers and boost customer performance growth.
After the meeting, Daika International will carry out a series of online and offline promotion activities around these three new products to empower customers.
According to the company library of FoodTalk, “Big Coffee International” was established in 2012 as a modern technology enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of all kinds of beverage ingredients, serving multiple leading brands of tea, coffee, and catering. Currently, it has four major production bases in Henan, Anhui, Guangxi, and Hainan, with over 100 international advanced intelligent production lines, covering a total area of 1650 mu, and an annual comprehensive capacity of over 3 million tons, serving more than 30000 stores worldwide.

By orchioo

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