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By orchioo Mar2,2023

Entering March, an “old product” took the lead in becoming popular.


The book also upgraded and returned to “Strawberry Bobo Yogurt”, and launched the concept of “Fruit Yogurt Season” with the trend. The sales volume exceeded 1 million cups within 10 days of listing, and the interaction on social media was enthusiastic.


Strawberry + yogurt, why can a product that sounds “ordinary” be a big success? The product trend in 2023 is “classic reinvention”?


1. 1 million cups were sold in 10 days, and the first blockbuster was released in March
The time window is the opportunity for explosive products.


At the beginning of last year, after upgrading the positioning of “Healthy New Tea Drink”, Shu also changed from multi-material satisfaction to refreshing and healthy, and made many products that attracted the attention of the industry, such as the orange camellia that leads the trend of floral fragrance, and the refreshing representative prickly pear white moonlight, etc. .


Just entered March, under the strategy of returning to the basic model, Shuyi launched Zhang Hanyun’s same model “Strawberry Bobo Yogurt” again.


How is this product? I made a special trip to Shuyi’s store to have a look:


You can see the customers queuing up at the door from a distance, and the bar is full of yogurt products that are about to be claimed, door banners, posters, TV screens, human figure stands, bar stands, etc., to create a full atmosphere for the sale of new products. It’s hard for consumers not to notice.


The main product “Strawberry Bobo Yogurt” is a basic product, a combination of fruit + yogurt, which has long existed in the industry, and it is not the first time that the book has been published. After it was first launched in the store in 2020, it has become a hit. A total of 22 million+ cups have been sold.


In February this year, this product also returned to the book, achieving sales of over one million cups in 10 days, and launched the concept of “Fruit Yogurt Season”, which continued to accumulate brand assets and occupy the minds of consumers in the category.


This year, brands are looking for explosive models in classic products. “Strawberry Bobo Yogurt” is not a new product, nor is it the first time a new product has been launched. As a return to a basic product in the industry, there is no halo of newness, nor the blessing of novel ingredients. How did the book explode this product?


2. From camellia to strawberry yogurt, the book also innovated a set of “single product strategy”
In the past two years, it has been very common to catch hot products in the tea industry, but the superposition of simple popular elements cannot constitute a “brand”.


When the book is also positioned as a healthy new tea drink, product strategies are formulated, so that all products serve the same strategic goal, are connected with each other, and are perceived by consumers, then the brand can be shaped through products.


Taking stock of the popular products of Shuyi in the past two years, I found that after identifying the new positioning, Shuyi has developed a set of integrated marketing methods to make single products popular. Let’s take “Strawberry Bobo Yogurt” as an example to review Shuyi’s strategy:

(1) Grasp node marketing and let the surrounding area out of the circle
Valentine’s Day has always been one of the nodes that young people pay the most attention to, and it is also a must for tea brands.


This year’s book also continued the successful experience of Orange Man camellia during the Valentine’s Day, and created a pair of “Jade Rabbit Rings” in the Year of the Rabbit; at the same time, during the Valentine’s Day, launched the product theme marketing of #fruit plus yogurt, natural is perfect match# .


As soon as the Yutu ring activity was launched, it was continuously planted on platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Douyin. Owning a Shuyi Yutu ring has become a social currency for young people. A large number of “tap water” was shared on Xiaohongshu, which also made Shuyi successfully enter the forefront of the industry rankings that day.

(2) IP joint publicity, setting up suspense, creating topics, so as to leverage traffic
Since this Monday, a “gossip” has been continuously fermented on the circle of friends and Weibo: a certain mysterious celebrity wants to apply for a job, and even posted a corner of his job card.

Book also “Fruit Yogurt Season

Before the official announcement of the “mysterious big coffee”, consumers’ curiosity has been mobilized.


Then Shuyi officially announced the spokesperson Zhang Hanyun through various platforms, “Shuyi chose Zhang Hanyun this time, and also fully considered the fit between the product and the star.” The person in charge of the Shuyi brand said.


Zhang Hanyun made her debut when she was young, and in the past two years, she has transformed into fans in variety shows by relying on her strength. She is an IP with attitude, emotion, and affinity, and can fully create an emotional bond with customers.


Many years ago, the song “Sweet, Sour, and I am” made Zhang Hanyun a household name. This mental cognition fits well with the “sweet and sour” taste of Shuyi yoghurt series products. Zhang Hanyun’s sweet image also echoes the “milk tea girl”, It can also consolidate and strengthen the brand image in the minds of consumers.

(3) Every time a new weapon is installed to the details, a closed loop of drainage is formed
After completing the first wave of mental pre-sales in the early stage, the book also began to continue to create topics.


For example, a sideshow video of “Welcome Star Colleagues to Join the Job” was released first. After attracting attention, at 11 o’clock on the 28th, the official WeChat released an article and video “Welcome Star Bartender to Join the Job”, officially announcing Zhang Hanyun’s endorsement, The endorsement posters in the circle of friends have also begun to spread on a large scale, and the topics of Douyin and Xiaohongshu have simultaneously appeared on the street. One topic after another, the information was densely out of the circle, and for a while, “Zhang Hanyun’s endorsement book also” quickly swiped the screen in the circle of friends.


From topic popularity to traffic acceptance, it is the most important part of marketing communication.


And to attract consumers to the store through IP and topics, there must be a final “finishing kick” before placing an order.


In the past few days, friends who pay attention will find that Shuyimen has “a lot of drama”:


You can see Zhang Hanyun’s human-shaped stand signboard from a long distance, and when you get closer, you can see a giant product picture with strong visual impact, accompanied by the slogan “If you want sweet and sour, drink it”, customers passing by , can’t help but look a few more times.


Walking into the store, there are large posters on the walls, pictures of new products on the glass windows and on the TV screen, and Amway, the spokesperson, is irresistible.


Multiple, repeated, dense, overwhelming presence creates an atmosphere of “this product is worth trying”.


When opening the takeaway at the same time, consumers will find Shuyi’s takeaway store, the avatar, skin, and banner are all neatly replaced with Zhang Hanyun’s endorsement vision, and coupons are distributed to further increase the conversion rate.

(4) Create a “Fruit Yogurt Season” and form a product marketing IP
In addition, with the hot sales of “Strawberry Bobo Yogurt”, Shu also launched different blockbuster products in the “Fruit Yogurt Season”.


Fruit + yogurt is another “classic product series” that Shuyizai has accumulated in addition to the burning fairy grass series.


This is equivalent to establishing a “product calendar” for itself in addition to the brand calendar. Through the update of fixed nodes year after year, continuous improvement, and continuous iteration, the product is getting better and better, and the efficiency is getting higher and higher. Finally, the product The optimization of experience occupies the minds of consumers of such products.


3. Re-creation of classics is an important strategy for this year’s launch
In the past few years, almost all methods of compounding fruits, small ingredients, and raw materials have been played by the tea industry.


After being stimulated by abundant and stimulating traffic-type and topic-type products, the industry will gradually begin to return to basic models. “Classic re-engineering” has become an increasingly mainstream product trend. Classic products such as bubble tea, avocado, and yogurt + fruit have become popular this year.


The popularity of Shuyi Strawberry Bobo Yogurt let us once again see the power of the basic model, and once again confirmed the product trend of “rework of the basic model”.


Whoever can seize the opportunity and do a good job of recreating the classics will be able to seize the opportunity and be one step ahead.

By orchioo

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