Coffee shops across the country are selling “1 liter ice American style”. Is big barrel packaging popular in coffee circles?

By orchioo Mar17,2022

“One liter super large cup” is becoming popular with coffee this year.
In the spring and summer, cafes in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hefei, and other cities have all joined in the “1-liter ice American style”, which is known by netizens as the “miracle tool for workers to continue their lives.”.
This product quickly became popular, accounting for more than 50% of sales under some brands.
“1 liter ice American style”, do you want to follow this popular style? ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍
1、 Coffee shops across the country are on sale, and the new hit is “1 liter ice American style”
During the spring and summer, a “1 liter ice American style” became popular in coffee shops across the country.
This product is priced at mostly 25 to 30 yuan, which is not much different from a regular cup of coffee. When a large cup is full and held in hand, it is cute, stylish, and comes out in pieces.
Coupled with its high cost performance, it is known by netizens as “the gospel of severe coffee patients”, “a life sustaining tool for migrant workers”, and “a cup of coffee every day is no longer afraid of losing spirit.”.
In Beijing, there is a Selfmade Orange Cafe that follows the Korean decoration style of “orange in orange”. In the store, “1 liter ice American style” is the top recommended by netizens, at 30 yuan/cup. “A fat and simple cup can be poked,” with an adjustable amount of ice and options for deep or shallow baked beans.
Alan, the manager of Self Made Orange Cafe, told me that the cold drinks in the store are available in 1-liter packages, mainly American, Italian, and specialty styles. The 1-liter series accounts for over 50% of the sales, and is very popular with nearby white-collar workers.
In Hefei, 20% coffee from eight stores has also launched four “1-liter packages”: Iced American, Iced Latte, Iced Peach American, and Iced Orange American. The prices are 25 yuan, 38 yuan, 30 yuan, and 30 yuan, respectively. Iced American uses triple concentration, which is very popular with local “migrant workers”.
In Shenzhen, the local brand Something For also launched the “Black Hole 1 liter Ice American Style”, at 29.5 yuan/cup; There is also a caf é with the theme of “Seoul Airport”, whose signature is the same type of “super large 1000ml ice American style” on the streets of South Korea, at 23 yuan/cup, with a high cost performance ratio.
In Tangshan, Moji Coffee also launched three “1-liter” series: 1-liter peach ice lime coffee, 1-liter peach ice lime tea, and (1-liter) bulging belly ice American style, priced at 32 to 35 yuan.
Among them, the well sold “1 liter peach iced lime coffee”, 1 shot of concentrated peach iced black tea, and a whole lemon add up to “the flavor of a whole summer.”.
“Inspiration comes from the popular 1-liter Iced American and 1-liter Honey Peach Iced Lemon Tea among Korean college students, which can be said to be ‘one cup per person per day’,” said Wang Daji, the host of Moji Coffee.
Jianshui County, Yunnan Province, has a home made cup of coffee. Last year, it launched this “1-liter ice American style”, which can achieve a sales share of 25%. In addition, coffee shops in Tianjin, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, and other cities across the country have launched 1-liter ice American style.
How did the “1 liter ice American style” become popular?
2、 With sales accounting for over 50%, how did “1 liter ice American style” become popular?
During the interview, I learned that, like many popular online red coffees such as 400 times of coffee and doughnut coffee, “1 liter ice American style” is also popular from South Korea.
Yanji, which is relatively close to South Korea, is known as “Little Seoul”, and many coffee shops are promoting 1-liter ice American style, which has been very popular.
However, there are multiple reasons why it is so popular in domestic coffee shops:
1. From tea to coffee, the “big bucket” has become a symbol of cost performance
In the past year or two, large barrels have become increasingly popular in tea drinks, reaching a peak last year. Some brands have launched 8 kilograms of coconut water and 5 liters of fruit tea.
Large barrels have become synonymous with “cost performance”.
The popular American style of 1 liter ice in coffee circles typically adds 2-3 times the concentration. Many customers choose to order one cup for two people, which is more cost-effective than ordering two cups, and can achieve the same satisfaction.
2. With visual impact, it is easy to form memory points and secondary transmission
Full of a large cup and barrel, it is visually appealing and eye-catching.
“Old customers mainly focus on rigid demands, while new customers mainly focus on taking photos and clocking in.” Many coffee shop managers who have introduced 1-liter ice in American style have reported to me.
Many tea brands have made large barrels into a brand symbol, such as the sweet la la pail of fruit tea, the domineering liter of peach of Naixue’s tea, and so on.
Nowadays, there are also coffee brands that use “1 liter package” as their own symbol. For example, all ice drinks from Selfmade Orange Cafe come in 1-liter packages, accounting for over 50% of sales.
“Since our establishment last year, we have launched a 1-liter coffee series. When people think of ‘large coffee’, they will think of us, and ‘large coffee’ has naturally become our brand.”
3. Commuting can take a day to drink, which is known as the “life-saving artifact of migrant workers.”
“The 1-liter ice American style is very popular among white-collar workers. For the” ice American brain “who has developed a habit of drinking coffee, ordering a glass on a commute day is enough to hold up for a day, and is known by netizens as the” magic weapon for saving those who work. “”.
“Many white-collar workers in nearby office buildings usually order 1-liter ice American style coffee in the morning, which can meet the day’s coffee demand. At the peak, they can sell around 80 cups of ‘1-liter’ coffee a day.” Alan, the manager of Selfmade Orange Cafe in Beijing, told me.
In addition, many people choose to order a glass of 1-liter ice American style when eating hot pot, “which can relieve tiredness and reduce the guilt of eating too much.”.
3、 “Big bucket coffee” is more suitable for making a diversion for spring and summer
“1 liter ice American style” is selling so well, should this wave of heat keep up with it?
It is understood that most of the “1-liter” coffees currently on the market are only made in basic styles, mainly American style and lattes, and are all ice drinks. Most coffee shops are launched in spring and summer as a diversion product for their stores.
There are two things to consider when using this product:
First of all, not everyone can finish 1 liter of coffee, with a relatively limited audience and low repeat purchase rates.
Many customers reported that “the amount is too large to finish”, “After drinking it all day, the taste will fade and become stale”, and “After drinking it, close your eyes at two o’clock at night, and your heart is still protruding.”.
“China is no better than South Korea, where coffee consumption habits are better, mainly American and latte, while Chinese coffee is still in the stage of slowly accepting coffee, mainly tea flavored coffee,” said Yuan Guiwei, the manager of 20% coffee.
The user experience of the 1-liter ice cream American style is very polarized. “Some people can dazzle for three days in a row, while others can’t stand drinking it once.”.
Generally speaking, customers who drink 1 liter ice American style coffee either have a rigid demand for coffee, or they just want to take a fresh picture, take photos, and punch in. The repurchase rate is not high.
Secondly, it is more suitable for the season when there is a demand for cold drinks in spring and summer, to relieve tiredness and thirst.
For most coffee shops, especially in the north, and with relatively small profits compared to other products, it is more suitable as a temporary drainage product.
4、 Conclusion
Large barrels, from tea to coffee, always have an impact.
However, due to drinking habits and other issues, the audience for 1-liter coffee is relatively more limited. Basically, each type of fruit tea and milk tea can be packaged in large barrels, while coffee is mostly limited to basic types.
However, as a new way of playing in coffee shops, “1 liter ice American style” is also an interesting expression of the brand.
Seize every industry sensitivity, innovate boldly, and make full use of it. Perhaps it can become an opportunity for the brand to stand out.

By orchioo

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