Dayao launches a new track! Launch of “Flash” energy flavored beverages

By orchioo Apr22,2023

The flash opens and the energy returns. Recently, the new food industry has noticed that Dayao Beverage has launched an energy drink flash, including two types of energy flavored drinks and coffee energy flavored drinks, focusing on consumption scenarios such as driving, work, and fitness. The product specification is 250ml/can, which corresponds to the name. The packaging of Flash Flash adopts striking lightning patterns.
The main selling product of Dayao Beverage – Dayao Guests, which originated from the classic guest flavor of the 1980s, is packaged in large glass bottles, resembling beer bottles in appearance. With its large capacity product packaging, affordable prices, and strong channel driving force, Dayao Beverage has become the “invisible champion” of domestic soda in northern catering channels.
In September 2021, Dayao Beverage launched a cooperation with China and China, identifying the brand position of “Big Soda”, new product packaging, the brand proverb of “Big Soda Drinks Dayao”, and the marketing aid tactic of “Don’t Drink, Drink Dayao” in catering channels.
In February 2022, Wu Jing, the signing spokesperson for Dayao Beverage. On the one hand, it is the “war wolf” who dares to fight and has a high national reputation, and on the other hand, it is the domestic soda leader Dayao. The tone of the two is very matched, and they work together to usher in the era of soda in China.
Subsequently, Dayao Drinks began to launch diversified products. From the perspective of packaging form and specifications, there are cans, conventional plastic bottles, and 1.314L plastic bottle packaging. From a category perspective, there are not only natural mineral water from the Northern Mountain Spring, small kiln fruit steam, but also tea flavored fruit juice soda that innovatively combines three elements: tea, fruit juice, and soda – pomelo love honey.
At the same time, Dayao Beverage is also continuously strengthening its channel construction. On the one hand, it is contributing to the southern catering market, and on the other hand, it is starting to increase sales channels such as supermarkets, circulation, and gift giving.
Is this Dayao Flash Energy Drink Race Track just to enrich the product line and meet the sales needs of channels and terminals, or is it planned to take a big step in this field and compete head-on with old brands such as Red Bull and Dongpeng, as well as new and cutting-edge brands such as Yuanqi Forest? Let’s wait and see.

By orchioo

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