How can this “Chinese hamburger” counter attack with McDonald’s and Tiktok?

By orchioo Mar13,2023

Some time ago, a set of “strategies for the poor” was widely circulated, specially teaching young people to save money, eat big meals and collect wool.
“Go to McDonald’s for free McNuggets on Monday, go to Tastin on Tuesday to enjoy the ‘buy one get one free’ activity, go to Delta on Wednesday to experience a 70% discount, go to KFC on Thursday to experience ‘crazy Thursday’, go to Burger King on Friday to have a half-price working meal, go to Wallace on the weekend, and start again next week.”
McDonald’s, KFC and Wallace are all familiar fast food brands, and a strange name has been mixed in a series of brands, which Dustin has heard for the firstIn the past February, Tastin also won the first place in the list of Tiktok local life group buying goods, becoming one of the most popular brands among young people in China and South Korea.
In February, Tastin won the Tiktok Time

Tustin Hamburg
Tustin Hamburg
Image source: Tastings official website
With curiosity, the operator searched and found that Tastin was not simple.
This “Chinese hamburger” brand is very popular online:
Tiktok related videos were played more than 2.8 billion; More than 20000 notes related to Xiaohongshu; The playback volume of a single evaluation video in station B reached 2.68 million
Tastin Tiktok Topic
Tastin Tiktok Topic
Image source: Tiktok
In addition to being very popular, a large number of consumers are actually paying for Tastin.
In the Tiktok studio, its main package sold out, with a total of 2.12 million orders, amounting to nearly 74 million yuan.

Topping the local lifestyle shopping list
In February, Tastin won the first place in the group purchase of Tiktok local life with goods list
Image source: Tiktok Tastin
Why can we circle the speed of light? How did they become a popular brand of Tiktok?
Today, the Operational Research Agency will talk about the counterattack code of “Chinese Hamburg” Tustin through a replay.
1、 Tiktok sold 2.12 million orders. How popular is Tastin?
Tastin’s popularity is reflected in three aspects: high popularity, fast opening speed and good sales performance.
1. Fire out of the circle, the heat is comparable to McDonald’s and KFC
Tastin is a fast food restaurant that focuses on “Chinese hamburger”.
The localization of hamburgers in China is one of the highlights of Tastin. They changed the bread germ on the hamburger into freshly baked handmade pancakes, claiming to create a hamburger that is more suitable for the taste of Chinese people.
For such a small change, Dustin was unexpectedly sought after by young people.
“9.9 yuan for a big hamburger+coke, what bike do you want?”, “cheaper than KFC, more delicious than Wallace!”, “Chinese hamburger is very strange, this kind of thing is like opening a shop in the United States called American dumplings”
On the Internet, Tarstin’s comments are mixed, but the popularity is extremely high.
In Tiktok, the video broadcast volume under the terms of “Tustin” and “Tustin Chinese Hamburger” reached 2.83 billion (“Burger King” was only 1 billion), which can be said to be quite popular.
In Little Red Book, Tastin has more than 20000 related notes and nearly 40 million topic views; At station B, a video related to Tastin’s evaluation was played up to 2.68 million.
2. The sales volume is high, with 2.12 million orders sold in Tiktok
It is not only the high volume, but also the top speed and sales ability of Tustin.
The live broadcast with goods is one of the highlights of Tastin’s circle.
In February 2023, Tastin’s live broadcast room @ Tastin (Hamburg, China) Food Bureau won the first place in the national list of Tiktok group buying with goods, surpassing Pizzahut, Starbucks and other well-known brands.
In February, Tastin won the first place in the national group purchase list of Tiktok
In February, Tastin won the first place in the national group purchase list of Tiktok
Photo source: Tiktok @ Tastin (Hamburg, China) Food Bureau
Its popular set meal for two (unit price: 34.9 yuan) was even more popular. It sold 2.12 million copies in Tiktok, with a total amount of 73.98 million yuan. This achievement is amazing for new brands.
In the take-out platform, the sales performance of Tastin is also good, with a monthly sales of 5000+items in any store, surpassing the performance of Wallace nearby.
Image source: Meituan
In addition, “queue leader, long waiting, slow meal” is the most complained about point of Tastin. Some takeaway boys even advised netizens not to eat Tastin because they waited too long for meals, but this indirectly indicates its popularity.
3. Fast opening, more than 2500 stores expanded in two years
The growth of both popularity and sales has led to a surge in the number of Tustin stores.
According to the narrow door dining data, Tastin has opened 3191 stores in more than 200 cities across the country, surpassing Delux, Burger King and Pizzahut, and second only to Wallace, KFC and McDonald’s. Ranked fourth among similar brands.
More importantly, the explosion of Tastin seemed to happen overnight.
Before 2020, the number of its stores is small. After the launch of the new category of “Chinese Hamburger”, the number of stores in that year only exceeded 500. According to this calculation, in 2021 and 2022, Tustin has opened more than 2500 stores, and achieved counterattack during the epidemic, which is called “legend”.
2、 What is Tastin’s counter-attack code?
Tastin’s development experience, like a cool article, is full of counterattack and drama.
Tastin was founded by three post-80s generation, led by Wei Youchun. Before the establishment of Tustin, Wei Youchun had been a franchisee of Wallace. He once opened seven stores, but the registered capital decreased year by year, and then all of them were cancelled one by one.
Founder of Tustin
Founder of Tustin
Image source: Tianyancha
In 2012, Wei Youchun founded Tustin, which initially sold pizza instead of hamburgers or fried chicken. However, the business has always been tepid, and it will remain unknown until 2019.
In 2020, Tustin began to launch a new category of “Chinese hamburger”, replacing traditional bread germ with handmade baked dough. Some netizens joked that “compared with hamburger, it sounds more like a meat bun”.
After that, Dustin slowly came out of the circle. During the epidemic period in 2021 and 2022, the company will realize countertrend growth and expand its stores to 3191.
What is the magic of Dustin? Why can they counterattack during the epidemic?
1. Product differentiation to create memory points
As mentioned above, Tastin’s counter-attack node is to launch a new category of “Chinese hamburger” in 2020.
As a matter of fact, the biggest memory of Tastin to consumers is “Chinese”.
“Hamburger localization in China” includes two aspects: 1. Pasta emphasizes handmade and freshly baked; 2. The fillings are boldly used to activate Chinese flavor, such as hot spicy chicken burger, Beijing roast duck burger, pickled pork burger
These two points may not necessarily make Tastin’s hamburgers more delicious (different people have different tastes), but they firmly create differentiation and memory points, increase the brand’s popularity and spread, and make the brand have the online popularity attribute by appearing on the Xiaohongshu, Tiktok and other platforms.
Another effect of this is that consumers can quickly recognize the brand and feel the difference between Tustin, McDonald’s and KFC, not just simply copy the Wallace model.
Under many videos and posts discussing Tastin, “Is the handmade baked cake crust more delicious?” and “Is xx new taste really bad or delicious?” are still hot topics but difficult to reach a conclusion. Discussion means attention and traffic, which is precious for new brands.
In addition, in order to match “Chinese Hamburg”, Tustin has identified “China-Chic Style” in brand positioning and store style.
For example, its logo is China Awakening Lion. The store decoration style and product packaging are dominated by bright red, and even the slogan is “China stomach, love China fort”, which has wiped out the hot “China-Chic” traffic in recent years.
2. Accurate pricing, seize the market gap
“A spicy chicken leg burger+coke is only 9.9 yuan. What kind of bike do you want?”
“Cheap quantity” is one of the main reasons why young people like Tastin.
On Tiktok, Tastin sold 2.12 million sets of meals for only 34.9 yuan, including two spicy chicken leg hamburgers, a pair of spicy chicken wings, a thick French fries and two cups of ice cream coke.
For similar double meals, McDonald’s sells at 55 yuan in Tiktok and KFC at 65 yuan.
It can be said that a large amount of cheap goods is Tastin’s biggest “killer”. According to the evaluation of users on various platforms, “cheap” also appears the most frequently, and many people regard it as the “replacement” of McDonald’s and KFC.
@The half Buddha immortal commented: “Wallace touched KFC and McDonald’s to cross the river, and Tastin touched Wallace to cross the river.”
This statement is very accurate. The location of Tastin’s store is basically the same as Wallace’s. The price is cheaper than KFC and slightly more expensive than Wallace. In terms of food quality, it is also in the middle level.
It is obvious that Tustin has captured the young users who have requirements for fast food quality but pay attention to the cost performance ratio, and seized the blank market between McDonald’s and Wallace (the founder of Tustin has joined seven Wallace, and must be very familiar with how Wallace makes low-price fast food).
A student fan who likes Tastin told the operator: “Many of our students like to eat hamburgers and fried chicken, but McDonald’s and KFC are too expensive, especially the takeout also requires an additional delivery fee of 9 yuan, which is difficult for most students to visit frequently. Although Wallace is cheap, its name” Jet Fighter “is not empty, which persuaded many people to quit. Tastin is just in the middle of the two. The price is not expensive, and the quality also meets the requirements. It is not surprising that it is popular.”
In addition, focusing on the sinking market is also one of the reasons for Tastin’s success.
70% of Tastings’ stores are located in second-tier cities and below. The relatively low penetration rate of KFC and McDonald’s in these cities gives Tastings opportunities for development.
Just as Ruixing was regarded as a substitute for Starbucks in the early stage, Dustin was like “McDonald’s sinking into the market”. Moreover, its brand positioning is younger and its products are full of varieties, which are regarded by young people as the middle choice between McDonald’s and Wallace.
The founder of Tustin also confirmed this, “During the epidemic, everyone stayed at home, especially young people had more time to spend locally. They were used to eating hamburgers in big cities, and there was Tustin in the county. Since this year, the turnover of Tustin in the surrounding counties and cities has increased rapidly.”
3. Innovative marketing and strong selling ability
As a newly emerging fast food brand, it is no accident that Tastin can surpass Starbucks and Pizzahut and take the first place in the Tiktok National Group Shopping List in February. They are quite innovative in marketing and selling goods.
1) All in Tiktok, grab local life flow dividends
Tastin is one of the earliest catering enterprises settled in Tiktok. According to @ Professional Catering Network, last August, Tastings had a team of more than 20 people to professionally operate Tiktok.
Tastin’s core customers are young people and students, which almost coincides with Tiktok’s core heavy users. So Tastin saw the trend early in the explosion of Tiktok’s local life business, and invested a lot of time and manpower in Tiktok’s live streaming and group buying, with a large number of marketing resources, Allin Tiktok.
The relevant person in charge of Tustin said in an interview with @ Professional Catering: “Tiktok is a large flow pool. We operate on this platform to let more people see us in more time. A long live broadcast can occupy the user’s mind. The screen dominates all day, and there is basically no time that can’t be erased. What we want to do is to develop the user’s habit of finding our consumption habit in the live broadcast room when they want to eat, open up the sales channel, and achieve the flow to sales Convert. ”
If Tastin’s success is due to its unique products and positioning, and its high sales volume is completely hit by the “what you see is what you get” trading mode of Tiktok Life Services, which has seized the traffic and dividends of Tiktok’s local life in the early stage.
After buying the package in Tiktok, users can easily find the store for offline verification.

By orchioo

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