How on earth did shellfish become popular in China?

By orchioo Apr30,2023

People always wonder how much blood tank value the black bagel in Everything Everywhere All at Once, the chaotic circle wrapped with desire and emotion, has contributed to the film’s impact on Oscar, but these do not affect the fact that bagel has become a popular baked food worldwide.
There is indeed a type of bagel called “Everything Bagel”, which roughly means that all ingredients such as sesame, sea salt, roasted onions, lettuce, and meat are mixed together. In the movie, the daughter’s emotions, transcripts, and life details are thrown into the void and chaos of the bagel.
Like the Empire State Building and Broadway Building, Bago is also a symbol of New York, just a delicious food that can be chewed in the mouth. Many years ago, the Jewish community in Poland came to the United States and brought this unique bread to the streets of New York. At its peak, Orchard Street and Delancy Street were full of bagel shops.
In the process of becoming popular in New York and becoming popular all over the world, the chewy, hard shell texture that early generations of Jews used to have quietly evolved into a soft, sweet round doughnut. “It has been stripped of its hard, thick appearance and has evolved into a more acceptable soft taste during the evolution of food.”.
Occasionally, people forget the place where it first appeared frequently. In Poland in the 19th century, during those turbulent and surging times, bakeries were the safest place to talk. Its hardness is like the secret national temperament of the Jews, as well as their persistent simple and diligent lifestyle.
However, the sweetness and softness always make people take off their guard, and if paired with cheese, it is simply stunning. This is a feasible path for a representative food of a region or ethnic group to become popular, that is, to find a taste that people around the world cannot resist, and then let everyone remember it.
“Across the ocean, the popular path of bagels in China has also generated a magical connection with cheese, and along with elite virtues, it has become a subconscious choice for ‘health and low fat’. Some chain coffee shops and independent cafes have played a key role in the widespread popularity of bagels, although they may have initially viewed them as’ a tool on the menu to increase customer prices and repeat purchase rates’.”.
But Western fast food does need a fresh target. At a time when hamburgers and sandwiches have gradually lost their aura, and pizza and chips have been recognized as calorie makers. In an era when Western fast food can no longer demonstrate its uniqueness and scarcity, the emergence of a new baked explosive may bring new attention to Western fast food.
Bego, maybe it’s the lucky one, or maybe it’s the circle that flies in the wind for a moment.
1、 Bego from the Jewish community in Poland
An article in the Atlantic Monthly on the origin of bagels mentions that the popular circle food of New Yorkers dates back to the sixth century. During the wave of immigrants in the 14th century, a thick bread called pretzels came from Germany to Poland, where it slowly developed from pretzels to bagels – a food known at the time as “obwarzanek.”.
In this statement, bagels were not originally food for civilians, but were enjoyed by nobles. At the end of the 14th century, the Queen of Poland, Yad Vega, ate the so-called “obwarzanek” during Lent.
After that, Poland, as one of the more tolerant European countries, was one of the few places in the world that allowed Jews to bake and sell bread. As a result, bagels moved from aristocratic delicacies to the mass market, and eventually gradually became a street snack. Due to their strong sense of fullness, they were also quite popular among the poor.
Of course, there is another argument that Bago originated in Austria in the 17th century and was invented by a baker from Vienna. He baked the bread in the shape of stirrups to pay tribute to the Polish king Jan Sobisky. Austria belongs to the German region, where the stirrup is written as “Steigb ΓΌ gel.”.
Whatever the origin of Bago, it is somehow closely linked to the Polish Jewish community. By the 19th century, Eastern European immigrants had brought them to the United States. In 1900, the Lower East Area had already owned 70 bagel shops, and even seven years later, the International Baige Baker’s Union gradually took shape.
Jewish William Safire wrote in the New York Times in 1999 that bagels have subverted the status of donuts in terms of popularity. People are willing to buy three quarters of $1 billion of bagels every year, but only $500 million is buying donuts.
The role of New York in promoting the global popularity of shellfish cannot be underestimated.
Advances in packaging and distribution systems led to the popularity of bagels in New York in the 1960s, and the classic style of “New York bagels” appeared in the 1980s. Some of the most famous shellfish shops, such as Russ&Daughters and Zabar, operate from Jewish and Eastern Europe.
“But not all stores are owned by them – H&H Bagels was founded by Puerto Ricans, and John Marx Bagels was founded by Cincinnatians. The participation of other ethnic groups at least indicates that during this period, bagels have become a common food accepted and popular among multiple ethnic groups.”.
Local bagel shop owners have made no secret of their pride in “New York bagels,” believing that the secret lies in water. The water flowing from the northern Catskills state drifts through a series of tunnels to the Zhongyan Park Reservoir in the center of the city, absorbing minerals such as copper, iron, and calcium. When it flows to Manhattan, it eventually becomes excellent water for cooking shellfish.
The importance of water is absolutely not exaggerated. Dianna Daoheung, executive baker at Black Seed Bagels, a local bagel store, mentioned that bagel stores across the country occasionally purchase and ship water back to New York for their own use, or use such water to install filtration systems to observe the pH of the water to replicate New York style bagels as much as possible.
Water is so important because of the key step of boiling during the production process, which makes it easy to distinguish truly high-quality New York bagels. In other places, many producers send dough directly into the oven, but in New York, the orthodox practice is to boil and float in water for a while before entering the oven. The baker also adds sweeteners such as barley malt or lye to the water to make the dough softer and sweeter.
2、 Sweet and soft global domination
Most diners find it difficult to resist this sweetness and softness – you have to admit it’s almost instinctive. Human preference for sugar has been around since the early stages of species evolution.
In the process of regional or ethnic food going global, there are no more than two popular routes. One is the ultimate personalized taste to create a contrasting and distinct memory point, such as Korean kimchi and Indian curry, and the other is a gentle and slow progression, such as sweet and soft bagels and delicate milk tea.
Bago has not been popular in China for a long time, but only for two to three years. Although there were early promotions from specialized shellfish stores in Shanghai and Beijing, the key point was the taste.
The indentation of the circle gives a full play to the shell fruit. Together with salty onion cheese, smoked salmon, and sweet cranberry raisins, honey, the highly inclusive potential of the shell fruit is built. In particular, cheese and cheese coated bagels have become a fashionable experience.
The cheese brand is even more cunning here. The most common combination of “Cream Cheese+Bagel” in foreign countries has evolved into a carnival of carbon and water control in cheese. Kiri is an example here. In China, the commonly used marketing idea of this cheese brand is to form a deep binding between cream cheese and shellfish, always strengthening consumers’ category awareness and brand memory.
In a discussion post on social media, the discussion dimension of bagels has never left the dimensions of toughness, softness, and sweetness, and even requires the toughness of the outer skin and the softness of the inner lining. The picky eaters compare bagels from dozens of brands from the inside out, all wanting to choose the one they love most.
However, there are still diners who prefer the original taste of shellfish, who constantly praise its low calorie, healthy, and satiety attributes. This is not contrary to the so-called softness, sweetness, and sweetness, but rather a modern sense of “elite virtue.”.
High intensity urban migrant workers are frantically introverted at work, haggling over calories in their diet, and even eating foods that are sweet and soft seems like a sin. A rough grain feel or raw chewing power can reduce worries about calorie intake, thereby continuing on the path of unlimited self-discipline.
This is reminiscent of the early popularity of bagels in the Polish Jewish community, which played an important role in the development of social trends. “People talk about their political ideals when they regularly visit a bagel shop, which seems to be a safer place to talk. It doesn’t matter what we eat every day, but the most important thing is why we strive and why we work.”.
3、 Bago’s popularity in China
When Bago gradually spread from The Daily Bagel store in Beijing to specialized stores such as Cuibago and Boom Boom Bagels in Shanghai to the menus of Tim Hortons and Ruixing Coffee, and even to bulk purchase on the shelves of Costco and Sam, the public realized that Bago was truly becoming popular in China.
In Tims coffee, cinnamon and raisin flavored bagels always sell well, and like the cheese bagels in Ruixing coffee, they are highly rated by diners.
Enthusiastic diners even picked up the producers of these shellfish. According to Ruixing’s public statement in 2018, they have three suppliers of light food baking lines, namely Baikafu, Baimai, and COFCO Group. In the official video number of Baikafu Bakery, there are indeed bagels appearing on the screen. It may be inferred that Baikafu should be the supplier of Ruixingbeiguo.
The UK’s largest fresh food company does have the confidence to make shellfish that satisfy diners. Their factory in Taicang, Jiangsu, also has considerable experience in producing Sikang type desserts.
According to photos taken by netizens on social media of the outer packaging of shellfish sold by Tims, there are likely to be multiple suppliers. For example, some netizens bought Chia seed soft shellfish bread, and the manufacturer on the packaging bag was Shanghai Abenblut Industrial Co., Ltd., while others bought cinnamon and raisin flavored shellfish bread, and the manufacturer was Yi’an Food Co., Ltd. in Taicang, Jiangsu.
After Tims set off a craze for matching coffee with bagels, other chain cafes have followed suit. Currently, several coffee chains, including Starbucks, Piye, Ruixing, Nova, and Manner, have introduced new types of shellfish on their menus. Tims’ bago free card and daily bago card once aroused enthusiasm for purchase, and also set a record of 400000 orders sold in one month on Tiktok.
In addition to coffee chains, a large number of independent bagel brands have begun to emerge online and offline. Based on incomplete statistics on the content of various platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Dazhongdianping, Taobao, and Pinduoduoduo, there are at least more than 20 bago brands, including Fascino, Bread Forest Bago, Look Bagel, The Bake Shop, Panzi Bago, Morning Li Bago, and Gu Mai Pushi. Some of these brands have offline stores in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Xiamen.
According to the popularity cycle of hamburgers and sandwiches in China, the full outbreak of bagels may still need to wait, but the significant increase in this category in recent years has fed some players in the industry.
“It may not be the main product of a coffee shop, but it can become a drainage possibility. It is not intended to appear on your daily menu, but it can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time. It can be sweet, soft, or hard, rough. Everything bag is indeed the most appropriate annotation.”.

By orchioo

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