Shaxian Snack opened a new 1000 square store! Can we save the decline of “national snacks”?

By orchioo Apr9,2023

The “Shaxian Snack”, which has been lonely for a long time, finally has a new action
New “1000 square flagship store” opened in Beijing!
As one of the three giants of catering in China, Shaxian Snack once became the “shrine snack” of the nation, with nearly 100000 stores and an annual turnover of more than 50 billion yuan.
However, as time went by, many small shops in Shaxian County began to close down due to their inability to operate, the homogeneity of products, the lack of innovation, and the poor dining environment made them gradually marginalized and declined.
Recently, it suddenly announced “transformation and upgrading”, opened 1000 square stores in Beijing, and planned to open the first batch of flagship stores in Shanghai, Fuzhou and Xiamen.
What are the “upgrades” of the Qianping flagship store of Shaxian snacks?
Can you successfully break through the current catering track?
1、 Shaxian Snack opened a 1000-square flagship store in Beijing, with prefabricated dishes in 8 freezers
On February 18, the flagship store of Shaxian snacks was officially opened in the 26th courtyard of Xirong Lane, Xicheng District, Beijing.
The catering reporter went to the store today to see what new highlights the store has?
1. The signs and logos of the flagship snack store in Shaxian County are different from those in the past
When the working meal reporter came to the flagship Shaxian snack store in Beijing, he found that the signs and logos of the store had changed.
Many Shaxian snacks on the street have obvious green logo signs, but this flagship Shaxian snack store has a bright red sign at the door, and the logo is not displayed in the sign, so the difference is still very big.
From the perspective of logo, Shaxian snacks used to be a green logo, but now a new logo is designed based on the word “sand”.
When we found out through the Tianyan inspection, this flagship store was jointly built by Shaxian District, Sanming City, Fujian Province and Shandong Huifa Food Co., Ltd., with a shareholding ratio of up to 95%.
2. In addition to such signboards as flat meat and Steamed dumplings, special dishes and popular snacks are also added
From the current menu in the store, the flagship store has added many special snacks from Fuzhou, Shaxian and other places, which are not available in Shaxian snack stores on the street in the past.
For example, dried loach powder, gold wrapped silver, fried rice jelly, etc.
There are also some popular snacks not from Shaxian County, such as fried fresh milk, fried chicken chops, etc.
3. “Prefabricated dishes” with 8 freezers in the store
The flagship store, which covers an area of about 1000 square meters, has a large part of the area for displaying retail prefabricated food products in addition to the dining experience area.
At the entrance is the retail area of prefabricated vegetables with up to 8 freezers. Customers can pick up goods and settle accounts by themselves or place orders through small procedures.
From the small program, we can see that the shop not only sells prefabricated dishes of Shaxian snacks, but also Chinese snacks, Fujian snacks, Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Fujian cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine and other local famous dishes, as well as prefabricated dishes of regional specialty snacks, such as Sixi meatballs, Dongpo Braised Pork, spicy crayfish, etc. The prepared dishes have a variety of styles, as well as enterprise group purchase, gift boxes, etc.
2、 Can the supply chain of the flagship store of “Shaxian Snacks”, which has started anew, make a “front-end” business?
In the 1990s, hard-working and brave Shaxian people left their homes to expand their territory. They carried wooden mallets and mandarin duck pots and first occupied nearby Fuzhou and Xiamen, while a group of people who made money returned to their hometown to build houses and buy houses.
Then it attracted more people from Shaxian County to go out and open branches and leaves. Until now, it has grown into nearly 100000 stores with an annual revenue of 50 billion yuan, which has led to the employment of more than 300000 people and become a national “shrine snack”.
Together with braised chicken rice and Lanzhou beef noodles, it has also become the three giants of Chinese catering, but in the subsequent development, it has become the first to fall behind.
Now, the new Qianping store has been opened for upgrading. It is intended to break through. Can it succeed? What kind of chess game is hidden behind the flagship store?
1. The “big guy” behind the flagship store is a supply chain enterprise: the back-end wants to grab the front-end business
This Qianping store is not the first “flagship store” in Shaxian County.
As early as 2017, Beijing had the first flagship store of Shaxian snacks, and not only Beijing, but also Hefei, Anhui and other places have successively appeared new stores with the “flagship store of Shaxian snacks” sign.
But so many flagship stores are not affiliated with a company.
The operator behind it is not an enterprise, including the flagship store led by the government; There are also flagship stores opened by individual retail investors; And like the new store in Beijing, the big guy behind it is the flagship store that the supply chain enterprises like Huifa try to open at the front end.
Huifa has been listed since 2017.
On December 22, 2020, its wholly-owned subsidiary Shandong Xinrun Food Co., Ltd. invested 2 yuan to acquire Shaxian Xinsha Yipin Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xinsha Yipin Company”), which launched the “first shot” of cooperation with Shaxian snacks.
In 2021, the company began to transform into prefabricated vegetables and supply chain business, and its main driving force is still on “Shaxian snacks”. In the supply chain business, Huifa Food has obtained the exclusive cooperation of Shaxian County in snack category research and development, supply chain distribution services, brand promotion, etc.
But perhaps because the number of snack stores in Shaxian County is too large and there are many individual retail investors, who all have their own back-end supply chain, it is difficult for Huifa to integrate nearly 100000 retail snack stores in Shaxian County to use its supply chain.
For the cooperation between the two, there are still many consumers and snack operators in Shaxian County who do not know.
Therefore, Huifa cannot directly deliver the supply chain end to all Shaxian snack stores. Now it has opened its own store and tried to explore and exploit the front-end business of “Shaxian snack” restaurants.
2. Looking for opportunities in the “stock market”, it is difficult to break through without “new” things
The current market of Shaxian snacks has changed from “incremental” market to stock market.
It is difficult to find opportunities to break out in the stock market. The market of Shaxian snacks is already in a “shrinking” state. Unless enterprises use “new models, new products and new profit models” to break out, it is difficult to come out.
For example, we have reported the case of Chunbaiwei, which has transformed Shaxian snacks into kitchens for Fuzhou people from snacks to big ones.
With the innovative model of “single store equity partnership+chain direct management”, more than 500 direct chain stores have been opened. It has become the first restaurant brand to chain the disorderly Shaxian snacks, so it also uses a new model to make Shaxian snacks “turn over”.
There is also “Lanzhou Lamian Noodles”, which is also one of the three major snacks in China’s catering industry. At first, it did not successfully run out of chain brands, but in the last two years, new brands such as Zhang Lala and Ma Jiyong, with their own unique new models, injected “fresh vitality” and opened hundreds of stores.
However, the flagship store opened by Huifa seems that we have not seen a new model, a new entry point, a new form of organization and management. It seems that it is still the original Shaxian snack model with a new coat. Although it has increased the retail of prefabricated vegetables, it still needs time to verify.
If we only tinker on the IP of “Shaxian Snacks”, it seems difficult to save the decline of the whole category.
From prosperity to decline, Shaxian Snacks, a generic category, has completed its “historical mission” in the catering track.
Simply focus on the minor repair of IP, which can only cure the symptoms rather than the root cause.
Only by redefining “Shaxian Snacks” in an innovative mode and exploring with independent new brands can we find a new way.
For example, Chunbaiwei subverts the traditional Shaxian snack mode and opens 500 stores, and new brands like Zhang Lala and Ma Jiyong “reshape” Lanzhou Lamian Noodles. Only by starting from scratch can we seize the opportunity to successfully break through.
What do you think of the new Qianping store opened by Shaxian snacks? Welcome to share your views.

By orchioo

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