The government supports the catering enterprises and promotes the platform to try Guangzhou cuisine together during the May Day holiday!

By orchioo Mar7,2023

1ใ€ The government supports it and will launch a big gift package for catering consumption
According to the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, in order to implement the State Council’s opinion on releasing consumption potential and promoting the sustainable recovery of consumption, and the notice of Guangdong Provincial Government on several measures to promote consumption, the Guangzhou municipal and district governments have made efforts to develop consumption promotion plans, and will take out more than 100 million yuan of government consumption vouchers in May to simultaneously leverage major banks, large business districts, catering and e-commerce platforms, During the “May Day” period, a total of more than 2 billion yuan of consumption gift packages were launched, including catering gift packages, so that the majority of diners can get real benefits.
Cantonese cuisine
Cantonese cuisine
According to, government consumption vouchers mainly cover the retail industry, accommodation and catering industry, automobile, home appliance, e-commerce platform and other industries that are greatly affected by the epidemic. Among them, the catering industry has set up 10 to 500 yuan consumption vouchers with different face values to meet the needs of different catering consumption levels.
This consumption promotion activity will also launch a series of preferential activities in combination with the pilot application of digital RMB in the catering scene.
In addition, Red Food also learned that during the May Day holiday, Guangzhou will also host activities related to the “Chinese Food Fair”, and organize activities such as Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Fine Food Exhibition, Guangdong Food Culture Exhibition, catering and capital docking, Bogus World Cooking Contest China Trials, the Pearl River Food Carnival, etc., to “bring out” a food culture feast full of color, fragrance, and attract foreign tourists and business people to experience Guangzhou on the tip of the tongue.
2ใ€ Catering urges “18 kinds of martial arts” to join forces
Food and beverage merchants are the protagonists in promoting consumption on May Day. Despite repeated impact of the epidemic, food and beverage owners still forge ahead and have confidence in the future. On this May Day, the vast number of businesses have their own skills to attract diners. learned that during the Golden Week of May Day, Guangzhou Restaurant launched a time-limited point exchange activity, starting from May Day and running through the whole May, exchanging member points for morning tea vouchers, and recharging members for gifts ranging from 40 yuan to 1000 yuan. Lingnan Group’s Garden Hotel, China Hotel, Oriental Hotel, Guangzhou Hotel, Nansha Garden Hotel, etc. launched family dinner banquet products and seasonal menus, and enriched takeaway, prefabricated dishes and light meals. Bingsheng went public with innovation. Nanhai Fishing Village lobster launched a 5.5% discount package for two people, and Heyuan launched a minimum 7.5% discount series of in-store packages. Time-honored restaurants also use different tactics. Panxi Restaurant will give gifts to partners when the room consumption reaches a certain amount, Datong Restaurant and Taiping Hall will launch online vouchers, Taotaoju innovative dishes for the neighborhood to taste, Huiai Restaurant will launch a special discount of 88%, Beiyuan Restaurant will launch a classic spring and summer meal of 7.8%, and will present the mother’s day activities of the group restaurants, and will present delicious food such as “Koi Yang Zhi Ganlu”, “Sweet Peach Bun” and so on to the mothers who consume in the restaurant. KFC, McDonald’s, 72, Tanyu, Xiaolongkan Hotpot and other domestic and foreign chain brands also attract consumers with online and offline preferential measures. A number of high-end hotel restaurants, Michelin restaurants, Black Pearl restaurants, etc. have also introduced new ideas to attract gourmets to appreciate. For example, China Hotel and Guangzhou Museum jointly launched a tasting activity of “I eat ‘cultural relics’ in the museum – lost Dim sum”, allowing diners to taste the Cantonese famous spots in the old tram a hundred years ago. Conrad Hotel makes customized dishes according to the traditional solar terms, and introduces the season into the dishes, so that the tongue can enjoy the taste of the four seasons.
“On May Day, there are koi in Tianhe” activity
“On May Day, there are koi in Tianhe” activity
In addition, catering businesses also rely on the business district to carry out the May Day promotion. The Tianhe Road Business District held the “May Day Shopping in Tianhe with Golden Carp” activity. The Tianhe Road Business District has 20 business complexes and nearly 600 catering businesses, and launched various preferential packages. Tiande Square launched the topic of “romantic meeting across the stars” on May Day. The Tiande Street with Lingnan characteristics is incarnated as “Xinghe Corridor”, where tourists can enjoy delicious food and participate in the raffle of up to 1200 yuan in cash coupons. Yuexiu Business Investment launched the “Yuexiu Yuechao Festival” in conjunction with Yuehui City, IFC Guojin World, ICC World Trade Center and VT101 Victory Plaza, bringing May 1 discounts to many catering merchants. Yuehui City launched daily 50% discount coupons; The Pearl River Bati creates a dreamy “Cute Fun ยท Meow Star Street”, and citizens and tourists can enjoy free DIY Meow Star oil painting creation after enjoying food.
Although the majority of catering businesses have encountered difficulties in the epidemic, they have not been defeated. They are still trying their best to bring distinctive food experiences to the diners on the basis of taking preventive and control measures for the epidemic.
3ใ€ The platform pushes, drinking and eating together to “collect wool”
In response to the call of the government, major financial institutions, e-commerce platforms and new media have launched catering promotion activities to empower catering businesses. Guangdong UnionPay, together with 12 banks, plans to carry out the catering promotion activity of “Young City, Yeah City, Food and Beverage Guangzhou”, with an estimated amount of 50 million yuan, and will launch a series of discounts and discounts for catering stores in key business districts and commercial carriers in the city. Guangfa Bank will also launch “Camping Life Festival” and “Big Brand Double Benefit Season”, and launch 50% discount activities for selected brands of food, including coffee and tea drinks, fast food snacks, hot pot buffet, Japanese Western food and many other large brands of food, in addition to “9.9 yuan per day” and “19.9 yuan per day at full consumption”; Guangdong Agricultural Bank of China launched the “half price of food for the May Day party” activity, and more than 100 restaurants such as Guangzhou Restaurant, Changlai Xiaoju and Egong Village were reduced by 50%; China Merchants Bank launched a 50% discount on Wednesday’s delicacies, and some brands upgraded to enjoy a 35% discount on delicacies.
Catering e-commerce platforms and new media also seize the opportunity of May Day to launch promotional promotions. According to, Meituan takeout will invest more than 50 million yuan to give consumers more preferential treatment in many aspects, such as full discount, distribution fee reduction and membership discount. And Hunger will invest more than 30 million yuan in the combination of its main catering and Cantonese opera culture, focusing on white-collar workers, students and tourists, and creating online and offline creative activities through the linkage between the city’s time-honored brands and Cantonese cuisine and afternoon tea merchants. In addition, Tiktok Life launched the “Night snack and summer” during the May Day holiday, launched a special live broadcast in conjunction with Songge Braised Prawns, Xiongji Shrimp King and other catering brands, and launched Tiktok’s exclusive seckill package, overlord meal benefits, etc. in the live broadcast room.
In this special May Day, with the support of the government and the platform, Guangzhou catering businesses are adding flavor to the city with super tenacity. I hope that under the premise of implementing the epidemic prevention and control measures, the public friends can feel the Guangzhou food that is still alive after the storm, and taste the Guangzhou food with unique characteristics

By orchioo

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