The race track of red dough was upgraded again, and the group standard of “Non fried Instant Noodles” led by A-Kuan Food was officially introduced

By orchioo Nov21,2022

According to the Nielsen IQ 2023 Global Consumer Outlook report, 47% of surveyed Chinese consumers believe that physical health is their top concern in this year’s consumer spending. At the same time, in the current era of lazy house culture and single culture, convenient, non fried, and healthy fast food like red oil noodles is being sought after by consumers.
Among them, the popular red oil noodles among young people have a production value of one billion yuan and a potential of ten billion yuan. On April 13, Ah Kuan Food, the pioneer of red oil noodles, took the lead in formulating and releasing the group standard of “Non fried Instant Noodles”, which led the category to move forward towards health and order, and also made the category goal of 10 billion yuan within a short time.
1、 Innovative technology upgrade for two generations of products, Akuan Food only produces non fried products
As the main single product of A-Kuan Food, A-Kuan Food’s series of red oil noodles have created a new category of convenient food, which has restored the regional characteristics of Sichuan, and has the characteristics of non fried and non boiled, wide noodles with chewiness, etc. It can be significantly different from traditional instant noodles in terms of product convenience, flavor, shape, etc. In 2021, the total online sales of the series of products exceeded 200 million copies.
Technological innovation is the core driving force behind category innovation, and the reason why Akan Food’s red oil noodles can create a category and continue to lead is closely related to the innovative technology of its two generations of products.
The first generation of innovation is the biggest technological innovation of A-Kuan Food, which took the lead in introducing 2cm wide non fried instant noodles, breaking through the pattern of convenient food for 40 years, and the product counterattacked and overturned the market of fried instant noodles. This is also the first additive free pastry (flour, water), with a single product sales volume exceeding 500 million, deeply loved by consumers. It is also because of this innovative technology that A-Kuan Food has “torn a hole” in the traditional instant noodles market dominated by Kangtong, and has gained a foothold in the market.
With the upgrading of consumer demand, A-Kuan Food continued to innovate, and carried out the second generation of technological innovation. It continued to develop the steamed noodles technology of instant noodles, and carried out a new round of innovation for extruded instant noodles. The advantages of steamed noodles technology, like fresh noodles, changed the shortcomings of the first generation of extruded instant noodles in taste, and made an innovative breakthrough in non fried instant noodles technology.
2、 The group standard of Non fried Instant Noodles was released, and A-Kuan Food led the industry trend
During the 108th National Sugar and Liquor Fair, the “Top 100 New Products Summit of the National Sugar and Liquor Fair” was held on April 13th at Hall 9 of Xibo City, Chengdu, organized by the Organizing Committee of the National Sugar and Liquor Fair, the China Light Industry Enterprise Investment and Development Association, and jointly organized by the Chengdu Food Industry Association.
At the meeting, A-Kuan Food and Chengdu Food Industry Association proposed and led the release of the group standard of Non fried Instant Noodle Skin, which defined the terms and definitions of non fried instant noodles skin, and stipulated the technical requirements, testing rules, signs, labels, packaging, transportation and storage of non fried instant noodles skin, which is of great significance for improving the quality assurance capability of non fried instant noodles skin products. Such a group standard will promote the healthy, sustainable, and orderly development of the red oil noodle industry.
During his speech, Ren Weiwei, Executive Chairman and Secretary General of Chengdu Food Industry Association, stated: The birth of group standards will promote the rapid, sustained, and rapid growth of this category. We hope that the billion dollar item of red oil noodles will grow into a billion dollar item in the domestic convenient and fast food market. In China’s huge consumer market, there are too many opportunities, and what enterprises and brands need to do is to persist in innovation and find the core needs of consumers. We believe that in the future, there will be many innovative products like red oil noodles born 。”
From another perspective, the group standard of Non fried Instant Noodles, as the “diffuser” of research and development achievements and the “vane” of industrial development, is of great significance to track participants. At the same time, Akan Food’s ability to take the lead in formulating this standard means that it has taken the initiative in market competition and can effectively enhance its market competitiveness and industry influence.
3、 Synchronize online and offline efforts, and deepen channels in 2023
At the beginning of 2023, Akuan Red Oil Noodle Peel gained insight into consumer demand and launched the BIG version of Red Oil Noodle Peel. The first flavor was the popular sour and spicy taste among consumers, while still adhering to non fried zero fat (low fat) pastries with an addition of 50%, achieving large portions, ultra satisfaction, and light burden.
As a pioneer of red oil noodles, in addition to product iteration and upgrading, marketing breakthroughs and innovation, channel construction is also a new driving force for enterprise growth.
In terms of online marketing, in addition to the traditional Tmall, JD and Pinduoduo, in the live broadcast rooms of leading anchors such as Li Jiaqi and Weiya, there have been products such as A-Kuan Food’s red oil noodles, sweet water, etc., and there are also some celebrities behind social platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Tiktok.
In addition to continuing to make efforts online, Akan Food will also deepen its offline channels in 2023 to meet consumers’ real-time purchasing needs. Akuan always adheres to mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Over 2000 Akuan people provide services to distributors, ensuring smooth cooperation. At the Star New Product Ceremony held by Huatang this year, A Kuan presented medals and awards to benchmark dealers on site, recognizing their past achievements and empowering them to further their achievements.
According to data from the China Academy of Commerce and Industry, the scale of the convenient and fast food industry is expected to exceed 500 billion yuan in 2022, with a year-on-year growth rate of about 4.2%. The potential of the convenience and fast food industry is constantly being stimulated, and this new wave of growth is mainly coming from a new generation of consumers born in the 1990s, 95s, and 2000s. The demand for products from these groups has shifted from being full to eating well and healthy.
In the view of First Food Information, focusing on the convenience food track, non fried has become a consensus in the market trend. The enterprise proposition and product attributes of A-Kuan Food just meet this demand. With the release of the group standard of Non fried Instant Noodles, this category will also enter a stage of rapid development. Ren Weiwei, executive president and secretary-general of Chengdu Food Industry Association, said that we look forward to entering the 10 billion yuan single product industry as soon as possible with the joint promotion of all enterprises.

By orchioo

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