Who has a healthier body than those who drink tea for a long time?

By orchioo Apr13,2023

In many regions of China, there is a certain tea culture, and adherence to drinking tea is also a habit developed by many people.
However, while drinking tea regularly can refresh and maintain health, it also raises a question: What are the physical differences between people who drink tea regularly and those who drink plain boiled water?
Which one is healthier? Let’s analyze it in detail today and provide answers.
First of all, water is an essential substance for the human body, which can mobilize the blood circulation in the body, nourish the organs in the body, and maintain the functioning of the body.
From the perspective of human needs, people need to supplement 1500 milliliters to 2000 milliliters of water every day, which is more helpful for promoting metabolism and blood circulation in the human body.
People who often drink boiled water simply supplement their water and certain minerals by drinking water. But compared to people who drink tea regularly, the gap is wide.
Drinking tea regularly can not only replenish water, but also bring many benefits to the human body. It can also make certain differences in the body’s physique.
People who drink tea regularly can supplement their nutrition due to the rich nutrients in tea, resulting in fewer malnutrition problems. Most tea leaves are rich in tea polyphenols, chlorophyll, vitamin K, and trace elements.
These substances can exert a certain degree of antioxidant activity in the body, remove free radicals from the body, help strengthen the body’s immune system, make the body healthier and less susceptible to external bacteria.
In addition, people who drink tea regularly have a fresher mouth. Drinking water can replenish water, but drinking tea can freshen people’s breath due to the different aroma of tea leaves.
For people who smoke for a long time and have a poor oral environment, drinking tea regularly can freshen their breath and alleviate the peculiar smell that appears in their mouths. It also helps smokers quit smoking. Many people will help quit smoking by eating snacks and chewing gum, but drinking tea is undoubtedly a better choice to freshen your breath.
People who drink tea regularly also have healthier intestines and stomachs. Modern people have poor eating habits, often with large amounts of fish and meat, eating very greasy food, or eating a lot of spicy and stimulating food, which can cause damage to the intestines and stomach.
If people with these dietary habits can drink more tea, they can also relieve the oil. Tea is rich in tea polyphenols, which can be oxidized in the body to break down theaflavins, promote fat decomposition in the body, avoid fat accumulation, and prevent obesity. Drinking water regularly is difficult to achieve this effect.
There are also people with poor lungs. Although drinking water regularly can moisten the lungs, drinking tea can better protect the lungs.
The tea polyphenols and catechins contained in tea can play an antioxidant role, remove toxins and garbage present in the lungs, help the lungs recover faster, and also enable the elimination of free radicals in the human body, allowing the lungs to recover faster. While moistening and clearing the lungs, drinking tea regularly can also nourish the lungs.
Tea contains a certain amount of caffeine, and the reason why people feel that drinking tea can refresh them is also because of these substances, which can play a certain role in alleviating bronchial diseases in the human body.
The presence of bronchospasm can make smooth muscle more relaxed, helping to alleviate symptoms of bronchospasm, and making breathing smoother.
There are many differences between people who often drink tea and those who often drink boiled water. From this, people can know that drinking tea has a significant impact on health.
But don’t rush to drink. Grasping some taboos about drinking tea can have a better impact on your health.
First, try to drink tea before 4pm. The presence of a certain amount of caffeine in tea leaves can excite people’s brain nerves. Drinking tea in the afternoon or at night can actually have a negative impact on people’s sleep at night. Avoid this time.
In addition, avoid drinking strong tea or overnight tea in the amount of tea consumed. After soaking tea for a period of time, the nutrients can be separated out, but the tea soaked for a long time or overnight may have only some bacteria left, which can easily affect diarrhea for people with gastrointestinal problems.https://www.slw-ele.com/
People with anemia and low blood pressure are not suitable for drinking tea. Tea can affect vasodilation, have a certain effect on lowering blood pressure, and also affect the absorption of iron by the human body, potentially exacerbating anemia.
People who drink tea regularly have a slightly better physique than those who drink plain water, but these tea taboos should also be known in advance.

By orchioo

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