“Yili, Heluxue, Mengniu, and Zhong Xuegao have all increased their prices. Is the” technological era “of ice cream coming?”?

Zhong Xuegao has officially become the ecological partner of Baidu ERNIE Bot (English name: ERNIE Bot).
As the first ice product enterprise to cooperate with ERNIE Bot, Zhong Xuegao will fully experience and access the ability of ERNIE Bot in the future, bringing a more futuristic and intelligent product experience to the Golden Bell Jars~~# ERNIE Bot#
Recently, Zhong Xuegao announced the strong alliance with ERNIE Bot on the official microblog. ERNIE Bot is “where is the sacred”?
According to China Ice Cream, ERNIE Bot is a new generation of Baidu’s big language model for knowledge enhancement. As a new member of the Wenxin big model family, it can interact with people, answer questions, assist in creation, and help people acquire information, knowledge and inspiration efficiently and conveniently.https://store.stoneitech.com/
Is ice cream tied to technology? Netizens who have always been fond of chasing novelty and watching excitement have exploded in the comment area.
“Can AI design a cool ice cream? Looking forward to it!” – Zhejiang netizen
“The food industry combines AI, Zhong Xuegao, you have something.” – Jiangsu Netizen
“AI ice cream, can you automatically learn to do math problems after eating? Hahaha.” – Henan netizen
As I watched, Zhong Xuegao succeeded in making his mark again, although I can’t count how many times this is.
1、 Zhong Xuegao, “Brushing the Sense of Existence”
Zhong Xuegao, who started in 2018, can truly be called a “small person and a big ghost” and always accurately “handle” consumer psychology, making him on the “hot search list” for the next time.
In the summer of 2022, due to the popularity of “ice cream assassins” in the streets, almost no one knows “Zhong Xue Gao”;
In January 2023, a brand new series of 3.5 yuan sub brand “Zhong Xue Bu Gao” was launched, completely reversing the trend of high prices and once again attracting industry attention;
In March 2023, the “Beautiful Village” co branded ice cream series was released to help revitalize the countryside, helping Yunnan coffee reach consumers, adding a bit more to its brand image;
Today, with the momentum of science and technology, we have joined hands with classical Chinese to become the “first ice product enterprise to cooperate”.
Although Zhong Xuegao is “too busy”, it seems that he has never done “useless work”. As a new consumer brand that has attracted more attention from the current main consumer group in all aspects, Zhong Xuegao has indeed contributed a significant force to the upgrading and development of the industry as a whole. To some extent, this single-minded operation by Lianhe Wenyan has intensified and made the “technological trend” in China’s ice cream industry, which has been nurtured and developed for many years, more explicit.
2、 With the rise of technology, even a small ice cream is not ordinary
The ice cream market, which has exceeded 160 billion yuan but is still expanding, has caused major enterprises to “rack their brains” and “expend their minds”. After a series of basic operations such as promoting new products, marketing, and strengthening brands have been completed, such as “clocking in”, aerospace technology, cloud computing, intelligent production lines, AI, etc Scientific and technological means such as ice cream have increasingly become the “new magic weapon” for ice cream brands to please consumers’ taste buds, and a small piece of ice cream has reached a “new height”.
Indeed, this technological force has a long history, and it had been taking shape before Zhong Xuegao.
Mengniu has long cooperated with Alibaba Group to utilize the most advanced technology in the field of cloud computing and big data to transform and upgrade its entire industrial chain. On February 20th recently, the People’s Government of Dongpo District, Meishan City, held a signing ceremony with Mengniu Group for the high-end ice cream production and cold chain logistics storage base project. It is understood that the project has a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, including the emerging construction of 8 advanced ice cream production lines, 5 intelligent lines with 24 rows, and 3 multi-functional tunnel lines, with a production capacity of nearly 300 tons/day.
This project has realized the automation of equipment hardware configuration and intelligent software support. It can be seen that Mengniu is making every effort to build a benchmark factory for intelligent manufacturing in the ice cream industry.
When it comes to the application of technology in the ice cream industry, Heluxe should be “on the list.” More than 20 new products released on March 1, 2023 were all produced by the “Heluxe Taicang Factory.” According to China Ice Cream, the factory was built by Unilever with an investment of 100 million euros (approximately 720 million yuan) in 2020, which combines multiple technologies such as artificial intelligence, digitization, flexible production, and fully automated operation, In September 2021, it was awarded the title of “Lighthouse Factory” jointly certified by the World Economic Forum in Davos and McKinsey.
Using AI machine vision recognition technology to ensure production efficiency and product quality not only greatly improves production efficiency, producing 9 million ice creams a day, but also greatly ensures product standardization.
“Due to the upgrade of the entire lighthouse factory, we have now shortened the time from one year ago to three months now, from the research and development of new products to the implementation of production,” said Xu Yucong, general manager of the ice cream business department in Unilever North Asia
In this magnificent “technological battle”, Yili, which accounts for the largest share of China’s ice cream market, certainly cannot be absent. It is carefully working on the territory of “aerospace technology empowers human health”. On March 6th of this year (2023), Yili and the China Aerospace Science and Technology International Exchange Center officially released the “Chinese Patent Space Strain”, laying a solid foundation for aerospace technology to empower human health in the future, and officially opening an innovative pattern of transformation from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”.
It is reported that the Erie Star strain BL-99 currently being carried in space is isolated from the intestines of healthy Chinese infants and young children, and has triple health functions of promoting digestion, regulating intestinal flora, and regulating immunity. It has been successfully applied to BL-99 probiotic powder, Yixiao yogurt, cheese sticks, and Xujianhuan ice cream products.
It is undeniable that this small ice cream gradually carries more and more possibilities and hopes.
3、 Increasingly rolling, the infinite imagination of the ice cream track
From simple popsicles to a variety of distinctive shapes;
From classic flavors such as milk and chocolate to a variety of versatile flavors;
From relieving heat and cooling to various cross-border co branding, cultural value comes first;
From artificial assembly line products to the emergence of technological elements;
Only you can’t imagine it without ice cream.
Up to now, ice cream is far from being as simple as ice cream itself, and the huge potential of China’s ice cream market is still attracting foreign brands, local established enterprises, and new consumer brands to create more new possibilities and flash more new inspiration in this vast and fertile “land”.

By orchioo

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