Yonghe Dawang has launched “community” stores in an all-round way, and Happy Bee welcomes 500 stores in mainland China

By orchioo May25,2022

Recently, Yonghe King Shanghai Rongchuang Xiangyi Store officially opened. This is the 500th store of Happy Bee China in the mainland, and also the milestone of Yonghe King in the development of Happy Bee Group’s business in China.
Shanghai Rongchuang Xiangyi Store is located in the core radiation area of downtown Shanghai, with a high reputation among residents, and is a good place for daily leisure for surrounding people. The new store has 40 seats and adopts an integrated online and offline sales model of “on-site food+takeout”, which will bring more customers a convenient food experience. During the test of the epidemic in the past three years, Yonghe Dawang’s store expansion has never stopped. Even in 2022, when the epidemic was severe, it continued to expand 64 stores against the trend, achieving double growth in the number of stores and performance.
At a time of gradual economic recovery, Yonghe King has taken the opportunity, actively seeking innovation, and made concerted efforts in product innovation and store innovation. As the head brand of Chinese fast food, Yonghe Dawang insists on bringing delicacy and pleasure to more customers, constantly innovating and developing new products, and creating delicious and nutritious heartfelt cuisine. The Zhonghua Hot Brine Series launched in the first year of 2023 was fully launched. Using Michelin restaurant chefs’ secret spices and precious ingredients, we create a “three treasures of hot brine” with a rich marinated flavor, rich oil aroma, and rich meat aroma. Yonghe King also innovated the method of braising in brown sauce, customizing a small pot of hot brine to allow diners to enjoy steaming,
In terms of the innovation of the store management model, Yonghe King has also stepped up its efforts to take the lead in exploring the new direction of the development of Chinese fast food in the “new catering era”. Combining the concept of close to consumer life, Yonghe King aims to sink the community market and boldly tries various complex business district models such as “community+business” and “community+office”. The better location strategy has also made Yonghe King’s franchise stores a big step forward. At present, Yonghe King has vigorously expanded its franchise business in major cities in China based on Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other key cities. With its adherence to heart-class delicacies, consistent high standards, and strict control of the quality of every link from the selection of ingredients to the production, it has won the favor and cooperation of many franchisee partners in the catering industry. Yonghe King will also continue to make use of its own development advantages to provide all-round guidance and support to franchisees through digital operation and standardized production and operation modes. Yonghe King will work with more partners to make progress and create delicious food.https://www.stoneitech.com/
As a well-known catering group in Asia, Happy Bee Catering Group owns well-known Chinese catering brands such as Yonghe Dawang, Hong Zhuangyuan, and Tianyun. As the 500th store of Happy Bee in Chinese Mainland, the opening of Yonghe Dawang Shanghai Rongchuang Xiangyi Store is just the starting point of the next phase of Happy Bee’s layout in China. Faced with the good vitality and huge development potential of the Chinese market, Happy Bee China will continue to innovate, expand its stores, embrace digital intelligence, provide more delicious and cost-effective products, and let more consumers experience the joy of eating.

By orchioo

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