200000 cups sold in 2 days! This brand will open over 1000 new stores this year relying on “explosive products”

By orchioo Oct31,2022

Tea and beverage co branding has created new tricks!
Recently, 7Fentian and the co branded product of Pleasant Goat and Grey Wolf, Sheep Goat Horn Honey, have appeared frequently on Tiktok, Xiaohongshu and other platforms. With its cute IP image, this series of products has attracted a large number of consumers’ attention. Two days after going online, 200000 cups were sold, and multiple offline stores also experienced explosive orders.
In the current era where tea and beverage co branding is already commonplace, why can sheep and sheep horn honey attract consumers’ attention?
1、 Sell 200000 cups in 2 days, and the sheep and sheep horns are hot and out of circulation
Lazy Sheep secretly accepted milk tea endorsement, ‘Lazy Gate’, hurry up
It is understood that “Sheep Sheep Horn Honey” is a joint brand new product of 7 points sweet and Happy Sheep and Grey Wolf. There are two products in this series, namely sheep and sheep horn honey raw coconut and sheep and sheep horn honey cheese and meat.
It can be inferred from the product name that the main feature of the “Sheep Sheep Horn Honey” series products is the use of this unique fruit ingredient, “Sheep Horn Honey”.https://forum.stoneitech.com/
But in terms of specific production, both products have their own unique features. Sheep and Sheep Horn Honey Raw Coconut Beating “uses freshly cut sheep horn honey, paired with a smoothie made from raw coconut milk, and then adds horseshoe exploded beads and frozen; And “Sheep, Sheep, Sheep Horn Honey, and Cheese with Meat” uses oolong tea base paired with ice cream made from sheep horn honey, and adds horseshoe to stir fry the beads. Cover with cheese milk.
Sheep horn honey is sweet, crispy and tender, full of childhood memories, cute and delicious. “” Salty and delicious cheese with crispy, sweet and refreshing sheep horn honey pulp is great satisfaction in one bite. “” Lazy door, hurry up! Lazy sheep are so cute, and the drink taste is also very good
On social media platforms, netizens gave high praise to the two new products, 7 Fen Tian.
Now, when searching for “7 Fentian” on Tiktok and Xiaohongshu, the first related term is “7 Fentian Lazy Sheep”, and one third of the next ten terms are related to this joint name.
2、 Why Can Sheep, Sheep, and Sheep Horn Honey, a Tea Drink Co branded with Millions of Names, Become a Popular Style?
Brand co branding has long been common in the new tea beverage industry, and the role of new tea beverage brands in gaining popularity and expanding customer base through co branding is becoming increasingly limited. However, 7 Fentian has fought a beautiful “co branding” battle this time.
Why can the wave of IP co branding with 7 points of sweetness make a hit?
1. Co branded “Top Flow of Yangcun” Lazy Sheep, triggering emotional resonance
If it comes to the most popular animated character in recent years, “Yangcun Top Flow” Lazy Sheep is bound to be on the list, not only because of his cute appearance, but also because of his free attitude towards life.
The cooperation between 7 Fentian and Lazy Sheep is a “two-way journey” between the core of IP value and products.
From the posts posted by netizens, it can be seen that 7 Fentian has prepared many “surprises” for this co branding event. Paper bags, straw sleeves, stickers, rock music, glasses… highlight the IP image everywhere. 7 Fentian has also built an offline themed store in Shanghai, filled with a cute “sheep and sheep” image from inside out.
Through the creation of products, surrounding areas, and themed stores, 7-point Sweet fully embodies the spirit of “innocence, beauty, happiness, and freedom” represented by Lazy Sheep.
I’m not slacking off, I’m just replenishing my energy. “” Seven point sweet knows co branding, and lazy sheep are the other me in the world. “… Seven point sweet’s co branding undoubtedly hits the psychological needs of young people seeking freedom and relaxation.
2. Bold selection of niche fruit and lamb horn honey, delicious and nutritious
It is not enough for brand co branding to rely solely on selling IP addresses. To truly unleash its effectiveness, it is still necessary to build on product innovation and good taste.
Like the sheep horn honey series products, we boldly use this niche fruit called sheep horn honey. In the entire field of new tea drinks, most brands are still unfamiliar with using sheep’s horn honey as a beverage.
In fact, compared to ordinary melons, sheep horn honey has the characteristics of thin skin, thick flesh, crispy and delicious taste, and high sugar content. In addition, sheep horn honey is particularly rich in nutritional value, containing a large amount of vitamins and proteins.
It can be said that sheep horn honey is a fruit that combines taste and nutritional value. And the 7-point sweet lamb horn honey chose the best tasting first crop of lamb horn honey, and the large particle freshly cut lamb horn honey flesh undoubtedly brings consumers a higher sense of value.
3. Create topics, create product momentum, and reach consumers in all aspects
Nowadays, with the differentiation of different social platforms, it is difficult for single channel marketing to fully capture customers. For brands, reaching consumers in all directions is becoming increasingly important.
It is understood that before sheep sheep horn honey was launched, 7 Fentian released news on multiple platforms such as Tiktok and Xiaohongshu, and brought # 7 Fentian sheep to # and other topics to build momentum for the product in advance.
After the product was launched, 7 Fentian created related topics on multiple platforms, attracting users to participate in interactive activities through surrounding gift box lottery and other activities, continuously increasing the popularity of the product.
7 points sweet is still adding a new product recommendation page in the mini program, and changing the navigation icon to a joint IP image of Happy Sheep and Grey Wolf. Enable users to quickly link to the product details page through the homepage graphics and text information, stimulating orders.
3、 Behind the explosive trend -7 points sweet will also add a “thousand stores” to boost the blank market
In fact, in addition to the new sheep and goat horn honey, 7 Fentian has also successfully created many popular products. For example, the new avocado series was launched in February this year, and Tiktok sold more than 100000 cups in two days. On the first day of official launch, the sales exceeded one million, and many stores were out of stock; The Mulberry series in March sold 400000 cups within three days of its launch, and many customers queued up to buy one cup
Behind the successful creation of multiple blockbusters is a unique methodology for creating blockbusters that has been developed with 7 points of sweetness.
According to the R&D personnel of 7 Fentian, over the years of product development, 7 Fentian has formed a systematic product development process. 7 Fentian believes that creating a good product is a systematic and large-scale project, and all aspects such as market insight, product planning, product research and development, supply chain, marketing, and store operation are indispensable.
This set of popular products has laid a solid foundation for the development of 7 Fentian and has also brought confidence to its future market expansion.
According to an insider, Red Food Network has learned that this year, 7 Fentian will focus on the blank market, expected to open more than 200 blank county-level (district) markets, add over 1000 new stores, and achieve a total of over 2000 stores.
A series of supporting measures have also been formulated for this goal.
It is reported that in order to help new stores quickly enter the right track, 7 Fentian will invest over 30 million in store opening support funds in blank markets above the county level, which is expected to help over 600 stores.
In addition, 7 Fentian has also launched the “Thousand Store Plan”, which will comprehensively assist franchisees in opening a good store, from early site selection analysis, professional training, opening guidance, daily management and marketing planning, to online operation, digital operation, and efficient supply chain.
Next, 7 Fentian will expand to more cities such as Xi’an, Beijing, and Wuhan, providing more consumers with delicious and healthy drinks, “said the relevant person in charge of the 7 Fentian brand.
4、 Conclusion
In 2023, while the new tea industry is developing well, it is also facing greater competition. In such a situation, tea brands need to embrace change and also find the secret to faster and more stable brand development in the new environment.
Just like the iteration and upgrading that 7 Fen Tian has gone through along the way, the resulting logic for creating explosive products, store expansion strategies, and so on. Therefore, 7 Fentian has also embarked on a unique and distinctive path, continuously revitalizing itself in the new tea industry.
However, successful methods can be borrowed, but cannot be completely replicated. In the future, we look forward to more tea brands tapping into their potential, bringing more surprises to consumers, and also finding a source of motivation for their sustainable development.

By orchioo

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