Shanghai has set up a “black tea specialty store” with a selling price of 30+yuan and it’s still full. What’s the model?

By orchioo Nov13,2022

This year, products are all doing subtraction, and I have found a new case.
There is a brand called “Charlie Town Black Tea Company” with a store in Shanghai. The product, as its name implies, uses only black tea and selects five different black tea bottoms, each with only three products (pure tea, milk tea, and flavored tea).
In addition, after two weeks of opening, it was ranked among the top 1 in the local list, and was rated by some netizens as the “milk tea Hermes”.
Why does this store become a “Magic City Network Red”? What do you think of buying a cup of black tea for 30 yuan?
1、 “Black Tea Specialty Store” on It only sells black tea products, and its business is booming
Lemon tea specialty stores and coconut specialty stores have been opened throughout the country in recent years, and brands have been established.
Imagine if a beverage store only sells black/green tea products while writing articles on the bottom of tea. Is it feasible?
In Shanghai, I followed a “black tea store” and recently made a special trip to the store to experience it:
This store is called “Charlie Town Black Tea Company” and is located in high-end shopping malls in Shanghai. From the perspective of appearance, the overall style of the store is British retro style, mainly with log colored furniture. The decorative wall is composed of Klein blue tea pots and white tea pots, adding a bright modern atmosphere to the space.
Compared to the “bright kitchen and bright stove” in most beverage stores, this store does not see the production process. All products are delivered to the bar through a “transfer door” and packaged by the shop assistant, which reminds me of the previously popular “bear’s paw coffee”.
The most distinctive features are products and ordering:
Just like the brand name, the store has 5 types of black tea bottoms from different regions. Select the tea bottoms before selecting the products, and each type of tea bottoms has only 3 production methods, namely “hand brewed, hand cooked, and hand made” (pure tea, milk tea, and flavored tea).
The product price is between 22 and 38 yuan, higher than most current milk tea stores.
In short, at first glance, it seems that the product is not complex, nor does it have any novel materials, nor is the customer price competitive.
However, it is such a store that has been popular in Shanghai for a whole year. On social platforms, many customers have become “Hermes of the milk tea industry”, becoming a must punch milk tea store on weekends.
According to a friend nearby, the store’s business is also very hot on weekdays. “Because it’s just next to an office building, many colleagues around me place small programs to collect their own orders, and it often takes one or two hours to wait before they can get a drink.”
This makes me wonder: How does this store do it? Is there anything we can learn from the model of “black tea specialty store”?
2、 “In Taiwan, specialized black tea shops have long been on fire.”
Let’s talk about the model of “black tea specialty store” first.
“This is not a completely new model. Industry insiders have told me that” black tea specialty stores “have long been popular in Taiwan.” There are even many specialty stores called xx Black Tea Company, “he said.
For example, in a store called “John Black Tea Company” in Taichung, a netizen commented on Xiaohongshu, “Every time I pass by, there is a long queue, and many people buy more than ten cups.” With high popularity, this brand opened its store in Taipei, without any activities, and it is still full every day.
The producer of “Here Comes the Kangxi”, who also ran a “French Black Tea Company”, has made a fuss on social media due to the “I thought I would fall” flower basket that Xiao S sent.
Earlier, there was a brand in Taiwan called “Can you ripen black tea?” According to netizens, the black tea drinks in this store were made from a base of black tea mixed with other bases.
The unified characteristic of these “black tea specialty stores” is that their product names are “tall and high”, such as White Jade Oulei, Xijin Black Tea, Carmine Duoduo, and so on.
The reason why it is black tea is analyzed by industry insiders. On the one hand, black tea has a high compatibility with dairy products and small ingredients, and the taste of the product is guaranteed.
On the other hand, in addition to China, there are also countries such as India and Sri Lanka where black tea is produced. Just like the story of coffee producing areas, the concept of “finding black tea from the world” also gives brands more stories to tell.
And specificity itself is a cognitive label, which not only has a degree of recognition, but also is conducive to achieving the ultimate in the taste, raw materials, SOP, appearance, user experience, service, and so on of the product, quickly occupying the mind.
However, there is also a concern that in Taiwan’s specialized black tea shops, the product prices are generally between 35 and 65 Taiwan dollars (about 8 to 15 yuan), lower than most local tea shops.
However, in Shanghai, at a time when the prices of new tea drinks are generally reduced, how does “Charlie Town Black Tea Company” achieve a higher price and let consumers pay for it?
3、 Summarize the secrets of the circle, and they have done at least three things
From the enterprise investigation, it can be seen that “Charlie Town Black Tea Company” was created by the Mizhilian team. In other words, behind the brand is “industry veteran”, which has certain advantages in store management, operation, supply chain, commercial resources, and other aspects.
In my opinion, consumers have done at least three things to pay for the high unit price:
1. Emphasize fresh and fresh production, and close the business after selling out on the same day
In fact, the first time I went to “Charlie Town Black Tea Company”, I didn’t have any product to drink, and the store closed at 7 pm.
The shop assistant who was cleaning told me that the reason for the closure was that the store had already sold out its tea. “All the tea in our store is brewed on the same day, and we close it when it is sold out. It is recommended to come earlier next time.”
Most tea and beverage brands open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. When business is good, some even extend the opening hours.
Although it has lost its evening turnover, it is precisely because of this that the brand’s concept of being fresh and doing now is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
2. Choose the bottom of the tea before ordering, and consumers pay for the “tea”
The reason why customers accept this brand is that it has a “poor order of acceptance”. What is the specific explanation?
It can be seen from the menu that, different from Taiwan’s “black tea specialty store”, the menu of “Charlie Town Black Tea Company” is the way to select the tea variety first, and then select the tea. And each tea variety not only indicates the origin and longitude and latitude, but also writes the front, middle note and base note notes on the bottom of each tea.
This also makes the store experience more special, like choosing beans for hand washing in a boutique coffee shop.
Generally, customers’ acceptance of high priced tea is higher than that of high priced milk tea. The practice of “Charlie Town Black Tea Company” is to lead customers to know tea first and let them pay for “tea”.
3. Looking for black tea globally, delivering high-end tonality
In addition, “Charlie Town Black Tea Company” has taken a high-ranking approach to selecting high-end shopping centers since its first store. For example, the store is located in the Jing’an Kerry Center, adjacent to Starbucks, Arabica, Blue Bottle Coffee, and other coffee brands.
They also highlight the concept of “world tea” in their products, searching for black tea globally, such as China Zhengshan race, South Africa Dr. Louis, Sri Lanka Yunding Ceylon, and so on. The store menu is also displayed using a global map.
In addition, “Charlie Town Black Tea Company” cups, in addition to regular ones, will also be subject to holiday changes, such as the introduction of a Christmas tree cup on Christmas Day. The packaging bag is also made of Klein Blue, which is strong in texture. Many netizens commented that “it feels like the packaging is suitable for gift giving.”.
4、 Conclusion
In my opinion, another key reason for the popularity of “Charlie Town Black Tea Company” is that new tea drinks are currently in a stage of returning to basics and pursuing basic styles.
As can be seen from the naked eye, basic products that meet customers’ daily needs have become a trend requirement, which is due to the current tastes of consumers and the direction of the evolution of new tea drinking.
But doing daily work is inherently counter to high customer prices. Will customers continue to pay for high-end positioning? Can this model continue to attract passenger flow? ‍‍‍
Back to the original question: Buy a cup of black tea for 30 yuan. What do you think of this?

By orchioo

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