Chinese Hamburg chain brand “Limburg” has received millions of angel investment

By orchioo Mar24,2023

Recently, Lin Weiyu, founder of Linbao, told the Red Bowl Society that the Chinese brand of “Linbao”, a fresh meat and egg hamburger chain, announced that it had received millions of angel investment from founder Chen Weixing. The fast taxi industry. This round of financing is mainly used for “Happy” brand culture dissemination and team building, and will break through 100 stores within one year.
After more than a year of development, Limbaugh has opened more than 20 stores in China and the first overseas store in Siam Square, Bangkok, Thailand. In the future, Chen Weixing will participate in the project as a brand cultural designer to jointly create a happy snack platform.
According to the Red Bowl News Agency, Limburg is a chain brand of Chinese style fresh meat and egg hamburgers. Michelin Chef participated in research and development, upgrading and innovating on the basis of traditional egg burgers, combining traditional Chinese cuisine with egg burgers, to create a unique “Chinese hamburger”. He is a frequent visitor to the hot list of Tiktok Little Red Books.
As a continuous entrepreneur, Lin Weiyu specializes in brand marketing and new media communication. He has successively operated new media marketing, online celebrity e-commerce and other entrepreneurial projects. Engaged in new media for 8 years, providing new media marketing services to over 100 well-known consumer and technology brands. Lin Weiyu said, “The Chinese catering market has about 4 trillion yuan, of which the hamburger category in the Western fast food market has reached hundreds of billions yuan, but the” Chinese hamburger “is still relatively blank. As a traditional snack, egg burgers have not yet formed a large-scale chain brand.”.
In terms of project operation, the CFO and strategic operation officer of the listed company Meilian English serve as financial and operational consultants, and the founder of the online black tea brand SEVENBUS serves as product consultants; The operation and management of the store is in the charge of senior operation teams such as Naixue Tea and Shanghai Auntie.
Currently, the per capita price of Limburg is around 20 yuan, not only breaking the traditional 5 yuan price range for egg burgers, but also the average annual sales of a single store exceeds one million, with a higher repurchase rate of over 40%.
Lin Weiyu said: In his eyes, there are four criteria for good business: whether the market is large enough, whether the demand is long-term, whether the product or service can be replicated, and whether there are policy risks. The snack track in the trillion-level market fully meets these standards.
According to the Red Bowl News Agency, Lin Bo received a seed round investment of several million yuan led by Pineapple Venture Capital in 2021, with multiple angel investors. This round of investor Chen Weixing is the founder of “Fast Taxi”, as well as the chairman of Oceanwide Holdings Co., Ltd. and Oceanwide Capital. The projects invested by Pan City Capital include trendy media, American language, ideal cars, insurance, express freight, etc.

By orchioo

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