Unilever’s “vegetable meat maker” and coffee brand Double Win launched plant-based baking products

By orchioo Mar23,2023

On March 12, Unilever’s vegetable protein brand “Vegetable Meat Machine” and creative coffee brand Double Win jointly launched two types of vegetable based baking bread: Italian vegetable beef sauce cheese bagels and cool black mustard tuna soda water packets. The filling for the two breads is mainly vegetable beef and vegetable tuna, respectively. Currently, the product has been listed in win-win stores in Shanghai and Zhejiang.
It coincides with Tree Planting Day. The marketing theme of this product launch is “High ‘Variety’ of Human Breakfast”, which cuts into the white-collar breakfast scene for office workers and meets the needs of white-collar workers for high nutrition, light burden, and convenient breakfast- At the same time, consumers can also obtain environmental friendly seed paper peripheral gifts when purchasing this series of breakfast
。 Characteristics of high protein, low fat, high dietary fiber, 0 trans fatty acid, and 0 cholesterol; Plant tuna features high protein products. https://forum.stoneitech.com/
The brand of the plant meat manufacturer stated that in the future, the brand will introduce a more acceptable form of plant protein food products through scenarios such as light food and coffee baking.
About Vegetarians: Vegetarians were established in the Netherlands on World Animal Protection Day 2010, and the brand was acquired by Unilever in 2018. At the end of 2020, plant meat manufacturers entered China. They have successively cooperated with brands such as Burger King, Typhoon Shelter, and Xibeixiao to launch plant protein meal products, covering international Western fast food chains, Chinese restaurants, convenience stores, coffee, and other channels.
At present, the brand has covered 60 countries around the world, and the number of cooperative catering stores in the world has exceeded 40000. In 2020, Unilever had set an annual sales target of 1 billion euros for vegetable meat and dairy substitute business. As the only vegetable meat brand in the Unilever Group, the sales target mainly depended on the products of vegetable meat makers and the addition of plant base options in food brand products.
About Double Win: The chain coffee brand Double Win was established in 2015, and is known to users for its creative specialty coffee. At present, Double Win has covered nearly 35 direct-sale chain stores in 8 first-tier and second-tier cities, and has sold nearly ten million cups so far.

By orchioo

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