Sell milk tea for more than 30 yuan, but these brands are still popular. Why?

By orchioo Apr4,2023

“The price is not cheap, but the momentum is very strong!” This is the evaluation of jasmine yoghurt by industry insiders.
Compared with most tea brands concentrated in the price band of less than 20 yuan, the price of many products of jasmine yoghurt exceeded 30 yuan. However, the brand product “Avocado Granny” is in the middle, with a price of 29 yuan.
However, jasmine yogurt is not the “price ceiling”.
Blueclass in Beijing is also characterized by yoghurt, and the price of a single cup of product is more than 45 yuan.
Cow tea, founded in Beijing in 2018, has an average unit price of 70 yuan+, and the price of a single cup of product can even exceed 130 yuan. Its secret is hidden in the unique additive in the drink – bird’s nest.
When most brands take parity and price reduction as their strategic objectives, these drinks with a price of more than 30 yuan quietly support the “price ceiling” of the industry and provide more possibilities for the diversification of tea.
1、 The secret of the upward price of drinks
On the surface, the product price of Blueclass and cow tea is more than 30 yuan, which has much to do with its preferred raw materials and functional superposition.
Blueclass’s products mainly take fruit yoghurt as the carrier. When introducing fruits, it will emphasize the three words of “natural ripening”, which makes the quality of raw materials jump on the paper. With the addition of 100 billion active probiotics and collagen, fruit yoghurt has more functions than thirst and appetite.
It is not difficult to see from the pictures on its single page that these products are designed for people who pursue a healthy life.
The product structure of cow tea is more diversified. Including yogurt, fruit, coconut, milk tea, pure tea and other types. Taking fruit products as an example, all fruits are fresh fruits, while milk uses the “ice cream”, which is highly recognized by coffee consumers, in line with their consumer’s pursuit of health and quality.
The product of cow tea has an option that is different from most tea shops, namely, fresh stewed bird’s nest. Starting from 20g, the price per 10g is 10 yuan, and the maximum can be added to 100g. This is also the secret that the price of a single cup of its products can exceed 100 yuan.
There is a reason why you are expensive.
According to the person in charge of Niu Tea, most of their early customers were consumers who knew bird’s nest and could identify its quality. Good products are the most important reason to attract them to enter the store and then buy again. The specific performance is that many customers start with the most basic bird’s nest drinks and now also buy their fresh stewed bird’s nest products.
At this time, cow tea is no longer the tea and milk tea shop in our inherent impression, but another manifestation of the lifestyle and lifestyle preferences of its target consumers.
2、 “High-end beverage stores” have great potential, not only to meet product demand
In 2022, many leading brands will reduce their product prices. Make 12-16 yuan the main competitive price band. This price adjustment is influenced by market competition externally, and is a comprehensive consideration of brand supply chain, operation cost and store opening cost reduction internally.
However, the homogenization of products has also formed “inner volume”.
From the menu only, Blueclass, jasmine yoghurt and cow tea are the highlights of product differentiation, but behind it is the result of close consumer demand.
A consumer told us that jasmine yoghurt was in the Little Red Book. Because of the high value of avocado and his preference for yoghurt, he went to the store to buy it.
Unlike other beverage stores, Blueclass uses a display cabinet in the store to display the product hologram in the store so that consumers can see it at a glance. Through the description of probiotics, collagen and other raw materials, we can quickly capture the product function and taste and make a choice.
A consumer who first came into contact with cow tea was interested in “bird’s nest”. He said that every time colleagues were invited to drink, they would discuss who to drink and why. If you treat them next time, ask them directly whether they have drunk “milk tea made from bird’s nest”, and the sense of value is self-evident.
The three brands have risen from the physiological needs of consumers to the multiple psychological needs of social interaction and respect.
At present, both Niu Tea and Blueclass have “hidden menu” different from conventional tea shops.
Blueclass has a “pre-sale column” in its applet. Its products are all creative drinks of employees within the brand, and each drink clearly tells the product creative story. The products will be pre-sale for consumers at a discount of 10%. After the pre-sale is completed and the number of support is reached, they will be delivered to the home for free. If the idea does not reach the target quantity, it will be refunded within the specified time.
At this time, consumers not only buy drinks, but also support the dream of entrepreneurs.
There is a nearby shopping mall for Niucha. Its main selling product is the gift box of “fresh stewed bird’s nest”, and the goods are also sold at the same time. According to the person in charge of the brand, the sales volume of this product has increased by 5% every month. Most of these products are purchased by customers who have tried bird’s nest drinks, and some of them are used for festival gifts.
At present, the brand has opened up small program stores and stores. With the expansion of store size and the improvement of brand reputation, it will successively lay out other e-commerce platforms to explore the profit model of beverage chain.
Mental occupation is the core competitiveness of the brand.
Jasmine yoghurt and Blueclass are creative yoghurt, or functional creative yoghurt, which are different from yoghurt brands in supermarkets or e-commerce platforms. Cow tea can be positioned as a ready-mixed bird’s nest drink, with a small amount of bird’s nest added, which has the significance of reducing the consumption threshold of this category and rapid popularization.
When these brands gain good market reputation through long-term contact with customers through offline stores. Self-produced or co-branded with traditional category brands to manufacture related peripheral products are expected to break the current inherent model of tea and beverage chain only relying on the sales of store products.
The high price in line with the quality and purchase experience is the embodiment of its brand value. This value will help the brand quickly penetrate into the hearts of the people, and thus gain the voice of the subdivided track.
The potential of “high-end drinks” is derived from consumer awareness, which is the basic logic of its existence and development.

By orchioo

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