The parent company of cereal coffee brand “Youxiaojia”, Chazhixing, raised 15 million yuan

By orchioo Mar30,2023

Recently, new news has come from the capital market. Guangzhou Tea Star Brand Management Co., Ltd., the parent company of U-PL ∧ YER, the country’s first cereal coffee brand, conducted a round A financing with a financing amount of 15 million yuan. The investment company is Senxin Fund Management Co., Ltd., and the U-PL ∧ YER management team, which adheres to independent operation, has also invested capital in its arms.
However, careful analysis shows that the cooperation between U-PL ∧ YER and capital is not a provocation, but an inevitable choice under the development of the times. U-PL ∧ YER has maintained its own characteristics and independence in product development, and has a large number of trendy male and female fans; The operation mode of “coffee+snacks” has also made U-PL ∧ YER a brand with strong promotion power in China, making it a convenient place for direct sales and franchises.
In terms of brand concept building and product tonality, Youxiaojia U-PL ∧ YER has been extremely successful. It aims at young people with personality and high pressure to convey a warm and interesting attitude on each cup of coffee. Focus on product experience, understand people’s minds, and strive to be able to empathize under pressure.
U-PL ∧ YER integrates the above product flavors into product research and development, with grain coffee as the core of research and development, allowing the ingenious combination of grains and ingredients, through the high flavor of grain flavor, refined milk flavor, and coffee flavor. Compared to fruit coffee on the market, cereal coffee is recognized by consumers, especially young fashion people, through differentiated competition and refined product power.
The operation modes of Youxiaojia U-PL ∧ YER include: catering economy for the talent, retail channels, and the construction of the self media ecosystem. Com and completed the initial growth of the brand and the gradual transformation of product sales. Now, the business of opening a store is booming, and the daily average turnover has a momentum to catch up with and surpass Ruixing. From the above, the financing amount is 15 million yuan. It is believed that the financing of Tea Star, the parent company of U-PL ∧ YER, is related to the huge catering industry resources behind Senxin Fund Management Co., Ltd.
Senxin Fund Management Co., Ltd. is a capital institution that conducts in-depth investment and layout in catering, fast moving consumer goods, daily necessities, and other industries that are closely related to the public and families. The investment style of this institution attaches great importance to close contact with the public, helping multiple brands integrate packaging and operation, helping to enhance the consumption power and brand competitiveness of brand products, and making the brand concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. People’s hearts. The parent company of U-PL ∧ YER, Chazhixing, has chosen Senxin Fund Management Co., Ltd. among many intended capital, which is closely related to the huge resource network behind Senxin Fund Management Co., Ltd. and the strength of Senxin Fund Management Co., Ltd. Strong operational and packaging capabilities. https://store.stoneitech 。
It is undeniable that with the gradual improvement of national consumption, cereal coffee will inevitably become an important product for people’s daily consumption. However, how to strengthen product research and development, do a good job in market education, give full play to the first mover advantage, and widen the market gap with other coffee brands is still worth in-depth discussion and exploration by the brand team. U-PL ∧ YER and Senxin Fund Management Co., Ltd

By orchioo

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