When local Rice noodles go nationwide, why should Hunan Rice noodles rush ahead?

By orchioo Mar29,2023

In recent years, the local Rice noodles have been “out of the loop”, especially Rice noodles, and some representative brands have emerged in this field.
On the Chinese table, Rice noodles are national delicacies with the same status as noodles. A bowl of steaming Rice noodles soothed the taste buds of countless diners across the country.
The Rice noodles with strong demand and wide audience are also widely considered as a long-term stable market by the industry.
In recent years, with the rise of a number of regional Rice noodles brands, the pattern of Rice noodles track began to change. Among them, Rice noodles in Rice noodles of Hunan Province with profound culture is particularly eye-catching, and some representative brands have emerged in this subdivision field, which deserves attention!
1、 The market scale exceeds 100 billion yuan, and Rice noodles in Hunan shine brilliantly Rice noodles
It has always been a track that attracts the attention of catering entrepreneurs. The Chinese Rice noodles Category Development Report 2022 released by the Red Food Brand Research Institute shows that the market size of Rice noodles will be about 109.7 billion yuan in 2021, and it is expected that the market size of Rice noodles will reach 132.4 billion yuan in 2021. two thousand and twenty-two
Meituan’s 2022 Rice noodles category development report also shows that as of May 1, 2022, the total number of Meituan platform Rice noodles restaurants reached 328700, a year-on-year increase of 26.33%.
Although the development prospect of Rice noodles race track is good, in the past few years, due to the numerous categories and strong regionalism, the overall Rice noodles market is relatively scattered, so most Rice noodles brands have also chosen a corner, with less cross regional development.
However, in recent years, some local Rice noodles brands have begun to break this impression. After accumulating strength through deep polishing in the early stage, they also began to expand outward, bringing authentic local Rice noodles to a broader national market. Breaking the regional constraints has also achieved certain results.
Therefore, we can also see that throughout the country, Xinjiang Rice noodles represented by Hua Xiaoxiao, Ah Zhen Rice noodles, spicy celery and Jiang Xiaole began to appear; Uncle Li Nanchang assorted food, Zigu Road old Nanchang assorted food and other Jiangxi Rice noodles representatives; Guifenghuang Guizhou mutton powder with Guizhou characteristics; Another typical representative of Rice noodles is Sanliang Rice noodles · Hunan handmade Rice noodles,
These brands use unique Rice noodles products to cut into the subdivision of the track, with a promising development prospect. They have become the backbone of the market that cannot be ignored.
Especially in the past two years, the subdivision track of Rice noodles in Hunan has begun to rise. The overall market size has shown a significant upward trend, which is particularly noticeable.
According to the 2022 Rice noodles Category Development Report released by Meituan Reviews, in 2022, the number of stores and orders of Rice noodles in Hunan ranked third in the country, and the store growth rate and growth rate ranked fourth and second in the country respectively.
In recent years, the “exodus” of some emerging Rice noodles brands in Hunan has also boosted the chain and nationwide development of Rice noodles in Hunan. Among them, brands such as Sanliang Powder · Hunan Handmade Rice noodles have gone out of their own way of distinctive development, obtained positive market feedback, and are widely loved by consumers. Now they have opened stores in Guangdong, Sichuan, Hubei, Hainan, Jiangsu and other places nationwide, with a total number of stores exceeding 100.
2、 Breaking through the shackles of the region, why Hunan Rice noodles?
Roughly speaking, there are hundreds of Rice noodles in China. Why can Hunan Rice noodles stand out from the numerous Rice noodles?
First, it depends on the endowment and cultural accumulation of Rice noodles in Hunan. Rice noodles Rice noodles is rich in raw materials and tastes, which can be called the “treasure house” of Rice noodles. It is understood that 14 cities and states in Hunan have their own local Rice noodles, such as Changde beef noodles, Hengyang minced meat noodles, Qifengdu fish noodles, etc. In recent years, Hunan cuisine has blossomed all over the country, with spicy and refreshing characteristics that are extremely addictive, and therefore have a broad mass base throughout the country.
Secondly, the growth of Rice noodles in Hunan is also closely related to the support of the local government and the full linkage between government and enterprises. Hongyan noticed that in recent years, Hunan has organized the establishment of the “Rice noodles Industry Alliance of Hunan Province”, focused on creating the “Rice noodles of Hunan Province” public welfare brand, established the Rice noodles Museum of Hunan Province, and hosted the Rice noodles Museum of Hunan Province. Rice noodles Special Promotion Conference in Hunan Province… Various measures have been taken to improve the voice of Rice noodles in Hunan Province, which has also driven the development of many upstream and downstream industries of Rice noodles in Hunan Province.
At the same time, the government and enterprises worked together to promote Rice noodles in Hunan, and achieved results. For example, the Rice noodles Museum of Hunan fully supports the “Three Grain Noodles Rice noodles Festival” on March 3. Sanliang Flour, through 100 chain stores, has extended Hunan’s “talking flour” culture and handmade Rice noodles technology to other provinces such as Guangdong, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Hubei and Hainan.
It is reported that the “Rice noodles Handmade Rice noodles Festival on March 3” has been successfully held to the third session. This year’s Rice noodles Festival has opened on March 3, and this activity has pushed Rice noodles fever in Hunan to a new height.
According to the official news of Sanliang Powder, during the event, Sanliang Powder launched a “limited time double” benefit, and customers can enjoy a bowl of Rice noodles plus double “double” discount. “In fact, adding a bowl of double size noodles will lose money, but the purpose of this activity is to let consumers truly feel the joy of a bowl of noodles and return their support.” said Cheng Xinen, “Hunan Noodle Culture Communication Ambassador” and founder of Sanliang Noodles
。 Com, during the Rice noodles Festival, Sanliang Noodle Store attracted many new customers to come for dinner. Three days, “Signature Old Changsha Handmade Shredded Pork Noodles”
Cheng Xinen believes that the pursuit of ingenuity in product quality is the core driving force for Hunan Rice noodles to go nationwide. Only high-quality products can win consumers’ attention to Rice noodles in Hunan, and then through the fresh taste of Rice noodles in Hunan, delicious and cheap cost performance ratio to retain people, Rice noodles in Hunan will certainly have great achievements.
3、 How to take advantage of the situation? Hunan Rice noodles brand has its own methodology
With the good development momentum of Rice noodles in Hunan, more and more new entrants began to pour into the Rice noodles track in Hunan, but how did the latecomers get out of the race? Can it be developed and strengthened? We may be able to glimpse the development process of some of the main forces in Hunan Province.
Taking Sanliang Powder, a new brand that has risen rapidly in the past two years, as an example, we believe that it can quickly emerge from the market through the following points: 1. Adhere to product differentiation
Compared with other Rice noodles brands in Hunan, Sanliang Noodles points the brand “anchor” to the unique craft of hand-made Rice noodles. Since the establishment of the brand, from the first store to the 100th store, Sanliangmian has always adhered to the essence of Hunan handmade rice noodles: “grinding, steaming, drying, and cutting.”.
According to Red Power Grid, the process of manually making Sanliang powder is time-consuming and laborious, and there is also an important consideration. From ingredients, soup bottoms to finished products, we insist on providing customers with fresh, safe, and assured product value.
Sanliang Powder requires stores across the country to achieve “three fresh”: fresh soup, fresh Rice noodles, and fresh code. The relevant person in charge of the Sanliang Powder brand said that in addition to the hand-made Rice noodles, the store uses fresh bones and old hens to cook soup every day instead of cooking bags. The code is also made and fried every day to ensure the freshness of the products.
It is worth mentioning that Sanliang Powder also added freshly milled rice milk as a special drink to the menu, further consolidating the taste memory of “freshly milled and steamed”.
In addition, the words “freshly milled and steamed Rice noodles is delicious”, “Hunan hand-made Rice noodles preacher and craftsman”, “daily freshly milled and steamed Rice noodles” and other words can be seen everywhere in Sanliang Noodles, constantly strengthening customers’ minds. Sanliang Noodles, adhering to the traditional technology and product quality of Rice noodles, has created distinctive characteristics and successfully created its own high popularity. Now, when it comes to “Hunan Handmade Rice noodles”, many consumers will consciously equate it with “Three Grain Noodles”.
2. Adhere to Hunan’s classic and characteristic products
In terms of product setting, Sanliang noodles stick to the combination of “Rice noodles+Hunan featured snacks”. Rice noodles products include hand made soup powder and hand made dry mixed powder. According to the different “code”, there are 12 and 5 types of products under the two types. There are not many SKUs, but they are all classic and characteristic products of Hunan. For example, the old Changsha handmade pig meat powder, the old Changsha meat foam mixed powder, and so on; Snack products are also classic snacks such as Changsha stinky tofu and Changsha sausage.
3. Innovative market play: incubate in different places and break through from peripheral cities
Local Rice noodles brands usually choose the development strategy of “local to outside”, while Sanliang Noodles choose a different development path. It is reported that Sanliang Powder was founded in Guangdong. At first, its stores were mostly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region. However, in the past two years, it has accelerated its expansion in Jiangsu, Sichuan, Hainan, Hubei, and other provinces. From 13 at the beginning of 2020, the adverse trend has broken through to 103 this year.
In fact, in recent years, some emerging noodle brands have chosen to start from first-tier and second-tier cities. For example, Zigu Road Nanchang Mixed Noodles, a Rice noodles specialty in Jiangxi, was founded in Hangzhou, while Chen Xianggui, a beef noodle specialty in Lanzhou, was founded in Shanghai.
“The birthplace” is selected in a first – and second-tier city, away from the most familiar market. To some extent, it may face greater risks. But the other side of the risk is that first-tier and second-tier cities have better talent, can form more advanced management teams, can create a stronger supply chain system, and even can obtain stronger external capital support… These can help the brand develop rapidly and become stronger in the future.
According to industry insiders, the mode of incubating local characteristics in different places may become a major trend in the future.
4、 Conclusion
“Three sides, two meat, one spoon” is a long-standing tacit understanding among Huxiang people. It is precisely because of the profound cultural heritage of Rice noodles that the “three and two sides” brand featured by handmade Rice noodles in Hunan was born.
Today, no matter whether we spare no effort to promote activities such as “Rice noodles Festival of Hunan Handmade on March 3” or our own inherent products with Hunan characteristics, Sanliang Noodles will carry forward Rice noodles and become more stable and widespread. Hunan.

By orchioo

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