The real herbal tea shop sells coffee and Cantonese do business: real!

By orchioo Apr6,2023

In March, the spring is warm and the weather is pleasant. In Guangdong, the temperature difference of 13 ℃ in March… one day, the four seasons are like walking lanterns.
In March, Cantonese usually have a temperature difference of one hot and one cold. Examples include “damp heat”, “hot gas”, “fire”, “flying fever (oral ulcer)”, “acne (acne)”… Then family members often say:
“Don’t drink so much coffee. It’s hot and wet!”
But! In today’s society, how can people stop the demand for coffee just by saying that the heat and humidity of the fire. To do business in Guangdong, we should be realistic! It also stresses psychological comfort. For example:
Since the elders are worried about drinking coffee, if they sell coffee in the herbal tea shop, we can say this:
“Mom, I’m going out to buy something to drink.”
-Going to the coffee shop again?
“Go to the herbal tea shop!”
What a perfect conversation! If you are afraid of getting really angry, wait for half an hour after drinking coffee, and then ask the boss to have a cup of “heat clearing and detoxification”.
Or, like the herbal tea discount, drink 5 cups of coffee and send 1 cup of herbal tea to reduce the fire… With your refreshing and refreshing, clearing heat and detoxifying, a store can handle two of the most important needs of Guangdong coffee people steadily.
All right! Although it is true that coffee is sold in the herbal tea shop, the boss said that this is just a place borrowed from the parents’ shop for a short time, and it will open an independent coffee shop in the near future.
But seriously! The coder thinks that it can save the rent of independent coffee shops and directly build a bar in the herbal tea shop to sell coffee, which will attract more attention of consumers.
Especially in recent years, many coffee shops have become popular to open the coffee shop in the former store of traditional Chinese medicine, or to directly decorate the style of the coffee shop to look like a traditional Chinese medicine shop.
Now the herbal tea shop’s sense of age and its grounding style can attract the attention of many young people.
On the one hand, the coffee area has more interesting attractions, giving consumers of different regions and age groups the opportunity to understand coffee. On the one hand, it also gives the younger generation the opportunity to learn about traditional Chinese culture and traditional Chinese medicine. With the combination of two different cultures, whether coffee or herbal tea, you can get an opportunity to have a deeper understanding.
Whether it is coffee or herbal tea, the development of the industry needs these impactful combinations to stimulate the attention of a new generation of consumers to one thing. Such a combination does not need “medicine into coffee”, but also can steadily hold the heart of the new generation of consumers to maintain health.
At the same time, the boss is not recommended to introduce some coffee with Chinese herbal medicine. These seemingly simple mix and match combinations are a great test for the producer to understand the characteristics of Chinese herbal medicine and coffee beans. On the one hand, it is necessary to understand the medicinal materials themselves, on the other hand, it is necessary to consider whether the taste of these medicinal materials will be too overbearing to cover the original taste of coffee, and on the other hand, it is also necessary to consider whether the taste will be accepted by the public after the medicinal materials are combined with coffee.
Last year, a lot of people imitated the practice of “medicine into coffee”. The messy practice made more and more people afraid of Chinese herbal medicine coffee. It is a drug with three parts of toxicity. Once improperly used, not every partner can bear the side effects.
If you really open the coffee area in the herbal tea shop, you can really do a good job of coffee products accepted by the public consumers. After all, there is herbal tea next to you.
Finally, let’s turn to a topic in the derivative article: Does drinking too much coffee really make you angry? Does it really cause heavy moisture?
Symptoms that usually occur when you get angry include but are not limited to sore throat, blisters at the corners of the mouth, bleeding gums, nosebleed, etc.
Symptoms usually occur when the humidity is heavy, including but not limited to fatigue, dizziness, swelling of the brain, dry mouth, loss of appetite, eczema, diarrhea, etc.
It is well known that coffee can diuretic. Every time I drink a cup of coffee, I have to go to the bathroom before long. Some people feel hot or wet after drinking coffee. Maybe they don’t drink much water after drinking coffee. When there is insufficient water in the body, the body generates a signal of water shortage. Finally, the symptoms of the body are similar to those of fire or heavy moisture. Therefore, there are also reasons for feeling “hot” or “heavy moisture” after drinking coffee.
So we don’t need to drink herbal tea after drinking coffee! Drinking two more sips of water can effectively alleviate these symptoms!

By orchioo

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